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Whois Service

Whois service allows you to find all the information about domain name registration, for example, the registration date and age of the domain name, or find contact details of the person or organization owning the domain name of your interest.


What is Whois service used for?

First of all, Whois allows you to quickly (and free of charge) find out whether a domain is available. If the information about a domain name is not entered in the Whois and is not given in the domain check results, it means that the domain name is not occupied and most likely available for registration.

However, Whois is popular not only for checking domain's availability — you can easily check whether a domain name is available when searching for a domain name in a domain zone. The service’s key feature is that it contains all the information about the domain, and usually provides data about the history of the domain and its owner.

In Whois, it is easy to check when a domain was registered — you can find out the date of registration in the "created” field. Checking the age of a domain is important not only when you’re buying a domain name. Information about the date of registration of a domain is useful when making transactions, selecting partners and simply analyzing information posted on the internet. Scammers often create one-day websites with attractive deals, and if the domain has been registered recently — it’s a good reason to doubt the purity of intentions of the website creators.

Finding out the owner of a domain in Whois is much more difficult. Personal data is often protected at the registrar level or hidden in accordance with the registry's rules. Trusting open data is also difficult, as domain administrators can provide false information when registering a domain name. But even if you do not know in whose name the domain is registered, the service allows you to contact the owner of the domain name via the feedback form.

Whois service terms of use