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Virtual server VDS/VPS

Virtual server VDS/VPS

Powerful equipment. Enterprise SSD.
Hyper-V or KVM hardware virtualization.

Plan CPU cores RAM Disk space Cost per month
SSD-1 30% 1 x 2 512 20 from 25 900 17900 RUB
1 595 RUB (595 RUB /month) 20%
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  • Windows Server
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • FreeBSD

Cloud computing platform
OpenStack. Full virtualization
Hyper-V and KVM

Free licensed Windows Server
operating system

Save up to 20%
by ordering one year of service

Unlimited traffic, a 100Mb/sec
network connection,
and a dedicated IPv4-address

Storage and data
processing in the
Moscow-based data center

24/7 technical support

Data storage on SSDs

Storing data on rapid SSDs ensures the resource's maximum performance and a faster response and lowers the impact of other virtual machines on your website's operation.

ISPmanager hosting control panel

The automation of routine tasks and hosting control via a user-friendly web interface allows users to:

add domains and websites and create DNS servers;

create mailboxes;

install programs and software components;


create backups.

Server control panel

Control panel for monitoring the service and server state, virtual console, rescue mode.

It also serves for capturing system settings and recovery in case of failures, automatic or manual installation of operating systems.


What's VDS?

VDS means a virtual dedicated server. It combines all the benefits of a dedicated server and the flexibility of virtual hosting.

How to choose an operating system?

The choice of an operating system (OS) depends on requirements for software to be installed on the VDS. If you have never dealt with server operating systems, we recommend choosing a rate plan with the ISPmanager control panel.

Depending on the selected OS - we host VDS in the corresponding platfome:

KVM for Linux (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu) and FreeBSD.

Hyper-V for the Windows Server.

OS installation is performed automatically.

For advanced users available ordering VDS without an operating system with platform selection.

After purchasing the operating system can be installed in manual or automatic mode.

How to choose a rate plan?

The choice of a rate plan depends on requirements for software, technical experts' recommendations, and the VDS purpose. Generally, SSD-1 is the minimum rate plan recommended as a test platform and for websites with a low hit count. The Windows OS installation is not available under the rate plan.
SSD-2 and SSD-3 rate plans are suitable for hosting several small corporate websites;
SSD-4, SSD-5, and SSD-6 rate plans are perfect for uploading a large number of websites or high-traffic websites, for instance, online stores;
SSD-7 and SSD-8 are the best option for 1C products (Accounting, Inventory Management, and Document Management suites).

What's the ISPmanager 5 control panel?

ISPmanager 5 is a convenient control panel developed for management of web hosting and a server via a user-friendly interface. It allows VDS's administrator to:
– host the unlimited number of websites;
– select a php version for each website;
– install and configure the required software;
– create databases and users;
– add FTP users, upload and download files via the web interface;
– configure a post on a domain, create mailboxes;
– manage backups and many other options.
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Where are the data centers located?

All the data centers are located in Moscow.
Each data center is designed in accordance with a Tier-3 level of the TIA-942 data center standard, equipped with high-bandwidth channels, and connected directly to MSK-IX internet exchange point.

SSL certificates

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Website monitoring

Control your website
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