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1C-Bitrix Hosting

Hosting designed especially for projects based on Bitrix. Maximum performance and fast response of your website. Certified hosting partner of Bitrix.


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1C-Bitrix 1 (Start)

Blogs and simple websites

by 6.99 USD/mo
  • Disk
    10 GB SSD
  • Memory
    768 MB
  • Storing backups
    14 days
  • Free .ru, .рф, .site, .online or .store domain
  • Free SSL certificate
1C-Bitrix 2 (Standart)

Corporate websites

by 11.99 USD/mo
  • Disk
    20 GB SSD
  • Memory
    1 GB
  • Storing backups
    14 days
  • Free .ru, .рф, .site, .online or .store domain
  • Free SSL certificate
1C-Bitrix 3 (Small business)

A great number of websites

by 39.99 USD/mo
  • Disk
    50 GB SSD
  • Memory
    3 GB
  • Storing backups
    30 days
  • Free .ru, .рф, .site, .online or .store domain
  • Free SSL certificate
1C-Bitrix 4 (Business)

A great number of websites

by 66.99 USD/mo
  • Disk
    100 GB SSD
  • Memory
    6 GB
  • Storing backups
    90 days
  • Free .ru, .рф, .site, .online or .store domain
  • Free SSL certificate


Don’t waste your time on CMS installation — start placing website content immediately after you order the service.

The latest Bitrix version is always available for installation.


The hosting works on the most advanced servers and is optimized especially for Bitrix CMS.

All data are stored on rapid SSDs.


Our skilled support team is available 24/7.


Unlimited traffic and number of mailboxes.

Bitrix advantages

Easy to use

Manage your website on your own, as creating, editing, and updating websites doesn’t require coding skills. Unique "Hermitage" interface helps users master the system, reduces the number of incorrect actions and training costs, and saves time on website updates.

Unlimited capabilities

Over 40 plug-ins for content and website structure management: e-commerce, image galleries, media files, forums, blogs, and many other plug-ins for achieving your business goals.


Effective website protection against hackers, a proactive filter, built-in online anti-virus, security scanner, one-time passwords, and other technologies protecting Bitrix's kernel and websites based on it.

Bitrix-based online stores

Most Russian users of fee-based CMSs have already chosen Bitrix for designing their websites.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the difference between CMS hosting and regular virtual hosting?

    CMS hosting plans provide more resources, run on powerful equipment and have configured to make your site fast and reliable.

  • Is it possible to switch from regular virtual hosting plan to CMS hosting plan?

    Yes, you could change your hosting plan at "Manage your account" section.

  • Should I install CMS manually?

    All the specified CMSs could be installed automatically.

  • Does CMS hosting have a free trial?

    Yes, you can test hosting at the 1C-Bitrix 3 tariff for 1 ruble within 30 days.

  • Still have questions?

    Feel free to contact our technical support team anytime.