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Bonus Program

Buy more — pay less

How to get bonuses

You can get bonuses by purchasing new services with RU-CENTER, in celebration of your agreement's anniversary or otherwise — we will email you with information on received bonuses, terms of use, and validity period.

Cashback for new orders

Get 20% back on your bonus account when paying for new orders. You can use the bonus funds within a year from the date of receipt to cover 20% of the cost of the next new orders*.

How to use bonuses

The terms of use of bonuses are available in the "Manage your account — Payment — Bonus account" section. You don't need to memorize them — the deductible bonus amount is automatically calculated when paying for a specific order.

*Cashback bonuses are not applicable when paying for renewal services. Bonuses are not credited to contracts for which club statuses are indicated, except for contracts with the "Start" status.