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DNS Secondary

Four secondary DNS servers located in Russia and Europe.


DNS SecondaryDNS Hosting
DNS Secondary S
0.30 USD/mo
  • Supported Domains
DNS Secondary M
0.58 USD/mo
  • Supported Domains
DNS Secondary L
1.25 USD/mo
  • Supported Domains
DNS Secondary XL
2.50 USD/mo
  • Supported Domains
DNS Secondary XXL
6.25 USD/mo
  • Supported Domains

Benefits of the DNS Secondary service:

  • faster response time of resources thanks to Anycast technology;
  • protection of domain names' resource records against DDoS attacks;
  • guaranteed availability of DNS zones: when primary DNS servers are unavailable, queries are automatically processed by Secondary DNS.

Service may be ordered for forward and reverse domains in any top-level domains. You can set up the service by listing up to 9 primary DNS servers and authorize specific IP addresses to receive zone transfers.

For proper functioning of the service you need to:

1. List names of provided DNS servers when delegating domain.

2. Set up primary and secondary DNS servers.