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Email forwarding

Set up email forwarding from different email addresses to one mailbox.

Email forwarding service allows you to set rules for forwarding emails from addresses on your domain to email addresses on another domain. Available for any domain name.

Service fee is 4.83 USD/year.

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All mail in one mailbox

After setting up forwarding, you can manage emails received at different addresses (personal and work, for instance) in one mailbox. It's quick and convenient, so you don't have to check every mailbox separately.

Share emails with others 

Set up email forwarding to different addresses so that others automatically receive them — for example, colleagues will be able to see letters addressed to you and respond to them while you are on holiday.

Don't miss emails if you lose access to your account.

If the primary email address is suspended or the access to it is lost, you will still be able to see incoming emails in the mailbox specified for forwarding. 

Order email forwarding service

Frequently asked questions

  • Which domains support email forwarding?

    You can enable email forwarding for any domain.

  • Should I delegate the domain before setting up email forwarding?

    Yes, before enabling forwarding service, you need to delegate the domain — to specify RU-CENTER's DNS servers in its settings.

    When simultaneously ordering a domain and Email Forwarding service with RU-CENTER, domain delegation is performed automatically. If you ordered Email Forwarding after registering a domain with RU-CENTER, then please specify the list of DNS servers in the domain settings.

  • Can I use a domain sponsored by another registrar?

    Yes, but in this case you need to specify DNS servers with your registrar.

  • What forwarding rules can I set?

    You can set the following general rules:

    •    forward all emails sent to your domain to another domain without changing the username,

    •    forward all emails sent to your domain to one email address,

    •    delete all emails sent to email addresses.

    It is also possible to add an individual rule for each address — for example, forward all emails sent to your domain to another domain, except for addresses for which individual rules are set. The number of such addresses is limited to 200.

  • Where can I find a detailed guide on setting up and using the service?

    A more detailed guide is available in the “Help” section.