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Website Monitoring

Website monitoring — automatic round-the-clock check of your website’s operation.

Website Monitoring "Simple"
2.50 USD/mo
  • Test Monitors
  • SMS per Month
  • Сontacts for notifications
Website Monitoring «Advanced»
5.83 USD/mo
  • Test Monitors
  • SMS per Month
  • Сontacts for notifications
  • Word availability on a website
Website Monitoring "Professional"
16.67 USD/mo
  • Test Monitors
  • SMS per Month
  • Сontacts for notifications
  • Word availability on a website
  • DNS server response
  • Ping test
  • Network port operation

Monitor website operation

The business on the Internet is aimed at ensuring a continuous flow of orders, new visitors, and customers. Website unavailability makes this goal unattainable, lowers the website search engine positions, and hinders promotional efforts. This can be easily avoided by using the service for continuous website monitoring and rapid alerts in case of any problems with the website.

Immediate response to failures

Notifications are promptly sent by e-mail and SMS, allowing you to take immediate steps. We will protect you from false alerts by double checking.

Analyze results of inspections

All information about your website availability is accessible in easy-to-understand online reports.

Service features


Website detection in Yandex's and Google's data-bases


Bug reports, complete details of failures

DNS, PING, and HTTP(s)

Wide range of inspection types


Intervals ranging from 1 hour to 10 minutes


Random inspections from different parts of the world



Frequently asked questions

  • What is a test monitor?

    A test monitor determines the type of inspection and is reserved for one website. The number of monitored websites or types of inspections for one website is limited by the number of test monitors available under the rate plan. The Simple rate plan allows you to use two test monitors for monitoring of each of the two websites according to one of the inspection types or monitoring of one website according to two inspection types.

  • How do I check the website availability via HTTP protocol?

    The monitoring system sends a HEAD request to the web resource specified in the settings. If the re-source fails to respond within a certain time, an additional inspection will be conducted by another service. If no response is received, a notification of the website unavailability will be sent to the specified contacts.

  • How is the website presence in Yandex's and Google's databases checked?

    Google and Yandex search bots regularly scan available websites. If a search bot detects a virus or considers a website unsafe for users, such website will be included in the dedicated database and wont be displayed in search results. Many popular browsers also use virus databases and can block a website or display security warnings to its visitors. The website status will be updated by a search bot and the changes will be detected by the monitoring service once the cause of the website blocking is eliminated. This procedure usually takes a few days.

  • How many words can be included in the inspection?

    You can only monitor the availability of one word within one test monitor. The number of words corre-sponds to the number of test monitors available for the rate plan you choose, provided that other in-spection types do not apply. E.g.: you may launch up to 5 and 20 inspections of the word availability on the website under Advanced and Professional rate plans, respectively.

  • Can I provide several telephone numbers for SMS notifications?

    Each rate plan provides for a specific number of contacts: 2, 10, and 20, respectively, including emails and telephone numbers.

  • Can I monitor several websites under one rate plan?

    There is a certain number of test monitors under each rate plan: 2, 5, and 20, respectively. Each test monitor can only be customized for one type of inspection. You can monitor several websites under one rate plan by customizing the test monitor for a particular type of inspection for each website. E.g.: the Advanced rate plan allows you to monitor one website according to all three available types of inspection and customize the availability check for another one/two website(s).

  • Where are monitoring services run from?

    Monitoring services are spread all over the world, including:
    — Moscow (Russia)
    — St. Petersburg (Russia)
    — Novosibirsk (Russia)
    — Frankfurt (Germany)
    — Prague (The Czech Republic)
    — Amsterdam (Holland)
    — Kharkov (Ukraine)
    — Hampshire (England)
    — Toronto (Canada)
    — Milan (Italy)
    — Fremont (California, USA)
    — Zurich (Switzerland)