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Domain Redirection

You can set up redirection from your domain to any URL address — for example, to your website with www or to a social media page.

To enable domain redirection, you just need to specify the address to which you plan to re-route traffic from your domain. Redirection is carried out via http — a secure https protocol can only be used for the address for which redirection is enabled. 

The service cost is 4.83 USD per year.

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Why do I need domain redirection?

When migrating to a new website or domain

With domain redirection enabled, users will be automatically forwarded to the website under a new address, and you will not lose your customers. 

Short eye-catching address for a social media page

If you run business on social media, we suggest registering a simple domain name and redirecting traffic from it to your social media page – VK, for instance. This will make it easier for your customers to remember the short address and find you online.

Protect your business and drive more traffic

Register domain names matching your primary domain in most popular TLDs and misspelled variations. Redirecting traffic from those domains to your primary website will help you retain users who misspelled the address and will prevent them from visiting websites of scammers or your competitors.

Domain redirection in RU-CENTER

Redirect for the primary domain and its subdomains

Automatic redirection can be enabled both for the main address of your site and for all of its subdomains.


Up to ten redirection rules for subdomains

Individual rules will allow setting up redirection from each subdomain to a separate address, irrespective of the primary domain.

Permanent and temporary redirection

With permanent redirection (a 301 redirect), the main website page won't be displayed by search engines. If a temporary redirect is used (a 302 redirect), all the settings will remain unchanged under the previous address, and the new website will not be indexed. 

DNS support

To set up domain redirection, you need to delegate your domain, i.e. to register DNS servers for it. The redirection service features DNS support, which means that the necessary entries will be made automatically. 

Order domain redirection service

Frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take to make domain redirection work?

    Domain redirection will be enabled within 10-20 min after the service is ordered.

  • How to set up redirection if my domain is not delegated?

    You cannot setup redirection for an undelegated domain name; however, DNS support is included in the domain redirection service and when you order redirection under the same contract where your domain is registered, all the settings will be applied automatically and you won't need to specify DNS servers on your own.

  • How do I set up domain redirection to a social media page?

    Redirection to social media can be set up in the same way as to any other website: you just need to specify a webpage link in the "Redirection address" field after ordering the domain redirection service.

  • How do I adjust service settings once the service is ordered?

    You can modify the service settings in the "Manage your account" — "Services" — "View and change data" section.

  • Where can I find a guide to setting up domain redirection?

    A step-by-step guide to setting up domain redirection and preparing domains for proper service operation can be found in the "Help" section.