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Domains monitoring

Domains monitoring is a service that provides the ability to monitor the status of domain names.

The service allows to:

  1. automatically analyze the status of domain names of interest;
  2. receive notifications in the following cases:
  • domain is released
  • domain is registered
  • domain has entered stop-list or removed from stop-list (according to RU-CENTER stop-list)
  • domain has been auctioned, bought or removed from auction in RU-CENTER
  • domain is soon-to-release (for .RU, .SU and .РФ domain names and third-level domains)
  • domain is available as a premium domain
  • domain registration term has expired, not renewed.

You can:

  1. add to monitoring up to 5,000 domains;
  2. add/remove domains manually by editing the list;
  3. load domain list as a TSV file.

You can configure the service in "Manage your account" panel → Contract → Notifications and mail campaigns → Domains monitoring → List monitoring