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Domain name redemption

Allows you to keep your domain even if you forgot to renew it in time.

Once the registration period expires, the domain registrant has another 30 days to renew the domain - the renewal grace period. If the renewal has not been paid for during this time, the registrar initiates the domain deletion procedure in the Registry. Within 25 calendar days from the beginning of this procedure, the domain can be redeemed and renewed for a new period at the request of the owner. This option is available for gTLDs, ccTLDs, and new gTLDs.

Domains that have not been redeemed are deleted from the Registry 35 days after the start of the deletion procedure. Such domains get released and can be registered by anyone.

At RU-CENTER, you can redeem a domain name after the expiration of the renewal grace period in .ru, .рф, .su domains, as well as in third-level domains. This option is available for 30 days if the reservation option is enabled for the domain.

How do I restore my domain

  • Domain redemption is carried out simultaneously with domain renewal for a new term; you need to top up your personal account with sufficient funds to pay for the two services — redemption and renewal.

Renewal and redemption price plans for gTLDs and ccTLDs (.com, .net, .org, .me, .tv, etc.)

Renewal and redemption price plans for New gTLDs (.рус, .xyz, .moscow, .москва, .онлайн, .online, etc.)

  • Submit a domain redemption request to You will be notified of successful domain redemption to the e-mail address specified in the contacts for your agreement.
  • You can order redemption of .ru, .рф, .su, and third-level domains on the domain page in the "Manage your account" section, provided that the reservation option is enabled for a domain.