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Domain Setup

Let RU-CENTER staff setup your domain. The fee is RUB 190 per domain.

We will make all the necessary domain settings for you

A domain name requires multiple technical adjustments: from simple to quite complicated. If you would like to save time on setting up the domain yourself, our professional team will do it for you.

Domain Setup service includes the following activities

Child DNS servers

We will register child DNS servers and setup IP addresses. A child DNS server is a DNS server the name of which contains a parent domain (for instance, and for 

Email and website connections

We will list DNS servers required for email and website operation


We will delegate your subdomains to separate DNS servers for individual zone control.

Zone file records

We will place resource records in the zone file. Each resource record is responsible for a specific service's operation. For instance, MX stands for Mail eXchange. MX records are required to ensure email delivery.


We will setup DNSSEC - an extension of the DNS system that builds a chain of trust for the domain. If the zone is signed with DNSSEC, visitors of your website will be protected from phishing, negative cache bugs, and other online threats.

Domain redirection

We will setup redirection of emails from the address created on the domain or redirection of domain visitors to any website you need.

How it works


  1. Submit a request specifying the settings that you need for your domain.
  2. RU-CENTER staff will contact you via email to process the order and payment.
  3. The request will be fulfilled within one business day from the date of payment.

The service fee is RUB 190 per domain.