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SSL certificate setup

Everything needed for a successful setup of an SSL certificate on your website and its correct https operation.

Save your time

SSL certificate installation is a complicated procedure that takes time and requires technical skills. Let RU-CENTER staff install it for you so that your technical team could focus on more important things for your business.

SSL setup


  1. Installation of root and intermediate certificates on the server
  2. Setup of the software for the website’s correct HTTPS operation
  3. Installation of a certificate after its reissue


If you are transferring a website to RU-CENTER, we will install and setup the SSL certificate for free.

When do I need SSL certificate installation and setup?


Free certificates that you get when ordering a hosting or a domain name with RU-CENTER do not require any additional setup and are installed automatically. If you purchased a paid certificate, it requires a manual installation. We install all certificates available in RU-CENTER, apart from Code Signing, as well as most certificates offered by other companies. SSL installation on other provider’s hosting is also possible — details of such an installation are determined individually.

How it works


  1. Submit an SSL certificate installation request
  2. RU-CENTER staff will contact you via email to process the order and payment.
  3. The request will be fulfilled within one business day from the date of payment.

The service fee is RUB 490 per domain.