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Remote desctop server on VDS

Obespech'te bezopasnost' i sohrannost' dannyh vashej kompanii — organizujte rabochie mesta dlya vashih udalennyh sotrudnikov na VDS.

by 31.50 USD/mo
  • Disk
    60 GB SSD
  • Memory
    2 GB
  • Processor Cores
    2 x 2 GHZ
by 59.83 USD/mo
  • Disk
    90 GB SSD
  • Memory
    4 GB
  • Processor Cores
    4 x 2 GHZ
by 111.50 USD/mo
  • Disk
    120 GB SSD
  • Memory
    8 GB
  • Processor Cores
    8 x 2 GHZ
by 215.00 USD/mo
  • Disk
    160 GB SSD
  • Memory
    16 GB
  • Processor Cores
    16 x 2 GHZ
by 315.00 USD/mo
  • Disk
    240 GB SSD
  • Memory
    24 GB
  • Processor Cores
    24 x 2 GHZ
by 431.67 USD/mo
  • Disk
    320 GB SSD
  • Memory
    32 GB
  • Processor Cores
    24 x 2 GHZ

How to enable the service

Order any VDS price plan and choose Windows Server 2016 RU operating system.

Within a few minutes after payment, access credentials will be emailed to you.

How to launch the server

Third-party software is not required to launch the server. Secure RDP connection is made via a standard Remote Desktop Connection app.

Server control panel

  • Convenient server status management even if it's inaccessible over a network
  • Resource utilization charts (CPU, memory, disk space, and network)
  • Snapshot creation allows you to roll a virtual machine back to a point in time in case of failure

VDS/VPS offered by RU-CENTER

Microsoft's Hyper-V hardware virtualization technology

Data storage on reliable and fast SSD hard drives

Save up to 20% by ordering a virtual dedicated server for a year

Unlimited traffic and a dedicated IPv4 address

Storage and data processing in a Moscow-based data center

24/7 technical support

We can help you and answer all your questions about setting up a remote workstation. Submit a request and our staff will contact you for details.

Frequently asked questions

  • What's VDS/VPS?

    VDS/VPS is a virtual dedicated server. It combines all the benefits of a dedicated server and the flexibility of virtual hosting. The ability to configure your software and operating system are the main advantages of VDS.

  • How to choose an operating system?

    We suggest using Windows Server 2016 for Remote VDS Workstation. The interface of this operating system is closest to the traditional non-server systems. Once you purchase the service, the OS can be installed manually or automatically.

  • How to choose a price plan?

    VDS will consume the same amount of resources as a regular user's PC. For convenient operation, we suggest the SSD-4 plan with 4GB RAM. If you plan to use the VDS for brief operations, then we suggest the SSD-3 plan with 2 GB RAM. You may change the price plan at any time.

  • Are there any special configuration options required for Windows Server?

    No special configuration options are required. For convenience, you may disable the Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration and install another browser. More details

  • Where are the data centers located?

    All data centers are located in Moscow. Each data center is designed in accordance with a Tier-3 level of the TIA-942 data center standard, equipped with high-bandwidth channels, and connected directly to MSK-IX internet exchange point.

  • More questions?

    More FAQ about VDS are available here.