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Business security with RU-CENTER

A website is a valuable asset for any modern business. By entrusting us your website, you can be sure of your online infrastructure’s reliability, security and stability.

Websites are the core of our customers’ businesses. Understanding the importance of these assets we create and develop products and services aimed at improving stability, reliability and security of an online infrastructure.

First-class reliability

By choosing RU-CENTER as a domain name registrar you can be sure in your assets’ security. We work in full compliance with the authorities’ established rules and regulations and have all required licenses. 

Our internal procedures are designed to keep our customers’ websites and domains operational at all times. Partnering with us you always have access to services and options that increase the level of safety and security for purchased services.

Services’ autorenewal

Guaranteed protection from services’ expiration due to overdue payment.

Automatic payment

Automatic account refill to secure timely services’ renewal.

Email notifications

Email announcements about service updates and required actions.

Security of domain-related operations

Established multi-level confirmation procedure for critical actions with an option for a customer to allow them only upon his visit to the RU-CENTER’s office.

Possibility to disable restoring account password via Email

Increased protection against unauthorized access to your account.

Restricting access to an account by IP address

Additional authentication layer for secure service management.

Two-factor authentication

Confirmation of login to the account by one of the additional methods: via SMS or a mobile app.

Ensure complete security of your account with advanced security options. They are all customizable and supported for free. Connection and configuration are available in the "Manage your account - Contract - Security settings - Advanced security" section.

Security-Related Products

Domain security levels

Protection and security of a key online asset


Whois privacy

Protection of your personal data used for a domain registration from fraud and spam.


SSL certificates

Enable encrypted connection to your website to ensure customers’ data protection and trust. 


Website antivirus

Protection from malware infections and treatment of detected threats.


Brand protection

Monitor your brand’s presence in domains and on websites to timely prevent its unauthorized usage.


Express trademark check

Evaluation of a possibility for a product or a service name to be registered as a trademark.


Domain insurance

Insurance of a domain registrant's liability in relation to risks of violation of third parties' rights.


Additional options

We would be happy to suggest valuable services that could increase protection and security of your assets depending on key goals of your current business. Feel free to contact our staff to discuss available relevant options.