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Ownership transfer

To transfer domain ownership within RU-CENTER please follow the instructions.

Online ownership transfer (application is required)

Online ownership transfer

For online ownership transfer a losing registrant should issue and submit to RU-CENTER the following documents:

If the application is already issued, online transfer will be effected under the following procedure:

1. A losing registrant should submit online transfer request

2. RU-CENTER will send a security key to the losi ng registrant and send a link to the confirmation page to the e-mail indicated in the request (e-mail of the gaining registrant).

3. A losing registrant will inform this security key to the gaining registrant.

4. Within a 3 days' period upon request generation, a gaining registrant should enter this security key on the confirmation page.

Important! For online ownership transfer for a gTLD domain name, a gaining registrant must have a Whois contact under their agreement.

Ownership Transfer Denial Cases 

Ownership transfer by letter

To transfer domain ownership within RU-CENTER:

1. If a gaining registrant has no contract with RU-CENTER, he/she should fill out a form

2. A losing registrant should fill out and transfer to RU-CENTER the following originals:

3. Upon obtaining a notification via e-mail, a gaining registrant should confirm receipt of domains in section «Manage your account» → «Registrant change» 

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