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Automatic payment

Timely renewal of services under the agreement. No commission or hidden fees.

Autopayment is a service for automatic topping up of a personal account without your participation. Subscribing to the service significantly saves time: you do not need to keep track of the balance or memorize the payment terms in order to renew the service on time.

You can enable autopayment for Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or Mir cards and YuMoney and WebMoney payment systems. You can limit the maximum write-off amount or switch to a new payment system at any time.

How Autopayment works

A few days before the service renewal deadline, RU-CENTER calculates the amount for which the personal account has to be refilled. With autopayment enabled, it is debited from the account of the selected payment system, transferred to the personal account and allocated for renewal. 

Payments are made through a secure channel and transaction details are available in the "Manage your account — Payment — Autopayment" section.