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Dedicated Server Administration

Entrust server installation, configuration, and support to RU-CENTER experts.

When you rent a server, you need a technical specialist to configure and maintain it. If you do not have a full-time employee who can do this, you can use RU-CENTER’s remote server administration and maintenance service.

Our tech staff will install and configure the equipment, deploy virtualization system on it, transfer your data or website, upgrade the operating system and software, optimize the load, set up backup, and make other necessary settings for your dedicated server.

Why order server administration with RU-CENTER?

Save time on finding a specialist

Choosing an experienced administrator is not easy, especially when the tasks affect the services responsible for running your business and when the deadlines are tight.

Use qualified personnel to do the job

Our tech team has been working with the equipment for a long time, they are very familiar with the operating systems and software, and they can quickly and accurately make the necessary adjustments.

Save your company money

You do not need to hire a staff member whose services are required on an irregular basis.

Dedicated server in RU-CENTER

Considerable computing power and high bandwidth allow placing projects of any complexity and scale on a dedicated server, and you get full administrative access to hardware and software components of the server without any access restrictions. Our TIER 3 TIA-942 data center provides 24/7 monitoring of the servers and all parts of the infrastructure.

Server setup and maintenance services

As part of server administration services, we will install for you any operating system (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Linux, etc.) with the latest updates and software (Apache, Nginx, MySQL, etc.), optimize the software for your tasks — for instance, configure a LAMP/LEMP stack or make changes to system files (httpd.conf, my.cnf, etc.) — ensure maximum server performance from architectural planning and solution selection to file system checks, set up a dedicated VLAM to arrange an independent local network, and increase the level of your data security by installing Firewall and other protection tools.

The list below contains routine tasks, but we are ready to perform more complex server maintenance tasks — non-standard ones are to be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Migration of a website
from 2 hours

Database server installation
from 30 minutes

Web server installation
from 30 minutes

Generic software installation
from 15 minutes

Control panel installation
from 30 minutes

FTP/SSH installation and configuration
from 1 hour

Backup configuration
from 2 hours

Creation of .htaccess files
from 30 minutes

Operating system installation
from 1 hour

File system check
from 30 minutes

Installation of any software on a server
from 30 minutes

Website malfunction analysis
from 30 minutes

Management of access rights
from 30 minutes

Configuration of security tools
from 30 minutes

Changes to system files
from 30 minutes

Data base check
from 30 minutes

Server software (LAPM) configuration
from 2 hours

Keeping domain name records on DNS servers
from 30 minutes

Server re-installation
from 30 minutes

Restoring access to a server
from 30 minutes

Creating/deleting web accounts
from 30 minutes

Creating subdomains
from 30 minutes

Creating cron tasks
from 30 minutes

Expert advice with no works involved
from 30 minutes

Cost of administration services

On weekdays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Moscow time: RUB 3 000/hour. 

Non-working hours and weekends: RUB 4 500/hour.

How it works

1. Submit a request specifying the tasks needed.

2. We will contact you to agree on technical specifications.

3. Top up your account balance and confirm the request.

4. Our team will perform the tasks within the specified time frame.


Frequently asked questions

  • Why do I need a server administration service?

    Server administration is primarily needed for small business projects. There's usually no point for a small company to hire a large development team to monitor a single server. In terms of saving time and money, it is more efficient to order the remote administration service, with professionals performing all the tasks for you. In this case, even if a company has technical support engineers on staff, they might not be skilled enough to solve all tasks businesses get to grips with, as there is a great variety of tasks, each requiring time and a deliberate approach. Significant delays in performing tasks related to the functioning of a server might negatively affect your business.

  • What determines the service cost?

    The cost depends on a particular task and the time required to perform it. The cost includes 1 working hour of our support team.

  • How long will works last?

    It depends on a task. On average, most tasks take 1 hour to perform.

  • Can I order server maintenance on a regular basis?

    If you need 24/7 server maintenance, please submit a request. We will discuss it individually.