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New gTLD Applications

Your own gTLD is an effective online branding tool and a great opportunity for doing domain name registration business.

Today, thousands of new top-level domains are available online — .CANON, .YANDEX, .МОСКВА, .LONDON, .BLOG, .ONLINE, .РУС, and so on.

RU-CENTER provides a comprehensive support for new gTLD projects — corporate, geographic, and ones that match generally used words or abbreviations.

The next round of accepting applications for thematic domains according to current expert forecasts will take place no earlier than 2023-2024. - at the moment, rules are being developed for it.

If you are interested in introducing your own gTLD, please contact us via e-mail:

About the Services

RU-CENTER services include:

  • Preparing an application for a TLD and coordination of its evaluation at ICANN, which supervises the implementation of new domains.
  • Building a robust technology platform for the domain extension.
  • Coordinating operations for maintaining a stable functioning of the domain after its launch.


The cost of new gTLD implementation projects is calculated individually and may vary greatly. Among other factors, the cost is affected by the contribution amounts made to ICANN, the strategy of the domain use, and the expected number of registrations in it, as well as the extent of technological support required to maintain its operation.


RU-CENTER is a major Russian registrar managing more than 3 million domains. Company's staff has long-standing experience in the development of domain name registration systems in accordance with ICANN requirements and procedures. For instance, RU-CENTER experts have successfully coordinated the project for the .MOSCOW and .МОСКВА extensions' implementation, and have also participated in preparation of policies and technical infrastructure for Russian TLDs — .RU, .SU, and .РФ.