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ISPmanager licenses

Simple and user-friendly website control panel. Documentation and client support are available in Russian.

ISPmanager 6 Lite

Up to 10 sites.

by 9.67 USD/mo
ISPmanager 6 Pro

Up to 50 sites.

by 19.33 USD/mo
ISPmanager 6 Host

∞ sites.

by 29.02 USD/mo


Web interface for managing websites on a virtual (VPS/VDS) or physical server. You can install and update the software automatically.

You can order a VDS or dedicated server with preinstalled ISPmanager 6 Lite control panel from RU-CENTER.

ISPmanager Lite, Pro, and Host versions differ in the maximum number of added WWW domains (websites).

ISPmanager has no specific requirements and works on most popular Linux operating systems (CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian). 

Minimum server performance requirements.