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All hosting services and servers

Hosting for websites and projects of any size and complexity.

Shared Hosting
from 1.65 USD/month

 Hosting for websites of any complexity: from personal pages to high-load projects.

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CMS Hosting
from 5.32 USD/month

Optimized for working with WordPress, Joomla!, Bitrix, Drupal, MODX, and OpenCart. 

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VDS/VPS Virtual server
from 8.17 USD/month

VDS is a reliable alternative to the dedicated server with more options and capabilities than the virtual hosting service. 

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Server rental
from 120.42 USD/month

Physical dedicated server in a secure Moscow data center.

Solutions based on Intel® Xeon® server processors and unlimited traffic.

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Free on all plans

Unlimited traffic

DNS support for your domain

24/7 technical support

Website hosting and servers provided by RU-CENTER

RU-CENTER is one of Russia's largest web hosting providers. We offer hosting services for website placement, mailbox creation, and data storage.

RU-CENTER's hosting product line includes solutions for any scale of business, from inexpensive hosting for low-traffic websites to dedicated servers for large projects. 

All RU-CENTER's servers, including low-cost hosting services, have powerful processors, fault-tolerant infrastructure, and meet modern industry standards.  

Virtual hosting is a popular solution featuring a convenient control panel and pre-installed software. SSD hosting starting at just RUB 99 per month will be suitable for almost all types of projects. Before buying hosting for your website, you can try it under the "Website3" price plan for RUB 1 during a month.

CMS hosting is optimized especially for CMS Joomla!, WordPress, 1C Bitrix, Drupal, Opencart, and Modx and ensures stable operation, fast loading, and simple website building process.

When purchasing virtual hosting under the "Website 1" price plan or higher or CMS hosting for at least a year, you'll get a domain name in the .RU, .РФ, .SITE, .ONLINE, or .STORE TLD.

Website Builder is a convenient solution combining website building tools and a hosting platform. Theme-based templates, automatic adjustment to all types of devices, and user-friendly control interface are available with no need to buy or set up hosting separately. 

VDS hosting (virtual server/VPS) provides reliable resources for website placement and data storage and enables flexible configuration of the operating system and software for particular tasks. 

Hybrid servers is a new service based on KVM virtualization, which combines the possibility of exclusive use of server resources, the flexibility of VDS management features, and reliability of a physical server. 

Dedicated server is the best solution for large high-traffic websites, mail servers, and database servers. Powerful equipment in a modern Moscow-based data center. 

You can buy hosting and create a new website or transfer an existing website to a new hosting platform provided by RU-CENTER. If you order or renew virtual hosting under "Website 3" — "Business 2" price plans or CMS hosting under "2" and "3" price plans for one year or more, we will transfer your websites to our platform for free. Our hosting support team is available 24/7 by email and phone.

To save time and resources, you can order hosting and server administration services. Our employees will perform all the necessary tasks in a short time — you only need to submit an online form specifying the necessary work. 

Custom control panel

All virtual hosting plans come with a separate control panel, where you can easily monitor all the necessary information about your website’s operation in the form of graphs and detailed reports. All popular CMS can be automatically installed in the panel: WordPress, Joomla!, 1C–Bitrix, Drupal, ModX, and OpenCart. In addition, the panel provides a wide range of options for configuration, convenient file management and server setup.

VDS/VPS plans include a control panel, where you can also monitor resource consumption and configure the server for your tasks. To automate routine tasks and manage VDS hosting even more conveniently, you can order plans featuring ISPmanager or cPanel control panels. 

To connect to a physical dedicated server, you can use two methods: SSH (for Linux servers) or RDP (for Windows servers). RU-CENTER provides you with ISPmanager 6 Lite control panel and IPMI server management interface for each rented server.

Data centers

Our servers are located in modern Tier-III data centers in Moscow. To ensure the provision of hosting services and the operation of your websites are stable, data centers are constantly monitored and guarded, equipped with uninterruptible power supplies and automatic gas fire suppression system with 24/7 temperature and humidity monitoring.

Hosting for legal entities

  • Monthly reporting documents sent via email or EDM
  • Offer agreement available in paper form
  • Extensive experience with small companies and large corporations
  • Full package of licenses required for working in Russia
  • Cashless payment