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Mail for business

Mail "Personal"

Plan "Mail 1"

by 1.65 USD/mo
  • Disk
    1 GB
  • Supported Domains
Mail "Professional"

Plan "Mail 2"

by 4.98 USD/mo
  • Disk
    10 GB
  • Supported Domains
  • Spam Filter
Mail "For Business"

Plan "Mail 3"

by 14.98 USD/mo
  • Disk
    25 GB
  • Supported Domains
  • Spam Filter
Mail "Premium"

Plan "Mail 4"

by 41.65 USD/mo
  • Disk
    50 GB
  • Supported Domains
  • Spam Filter


Developed by one of the world's leaders in the security field, Kaspersky Lab's cloud solution provides reliable protection from spam and phishing. Enhanced real-time protection against malware in attachments with frequent anti-spam database updates.


Unlimited email addresses with unlimited traffic, group emails, POP3, SMTP, IMAP protocols, and DNS support.


Cyrillic domain support, customization of email client or web interface for access from any device, convenient control panel.

Storage and data processing on the territory of Russian Federation

License for provision of telematic communication services No. 149596 dated December 27, 2016.

Operator responsible for personal data processing: Registration number 77-13-001449

(order No. 96-od of the Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications dated April 16, 2013)

Frequently asked questions

  • How to choose a rate plan?

    The first plan is suitable for personal use. When choosing from other plans, consider the amount of disk space and the number of mail domains you need.

  • Can I switch to a different plan?

    At any time you may switch to a different email plan or virtual hosting plan where email is included by default.

  • What are the advantages of advanced protection against spam and viruses?

    Basic anti-spam is provided by OpenSource-solutions. It protects only from common mass threats.
    Advanced protection against spam and viruses is based on an Enterprise-level intelligent system "Kaspersky Security" and additionally provides:
     — cloud protection against spam and phishing links;
     — enhanced real-time protection against malware in email attachments;
     — the lowest level of false positives;
     — anti-spam database updates more than once every minute.

  • Where are your data centers located?

    You can choose Moscow or Novosibirsk on all rate plans, except for «400», «500», and «600» rate plans where it's only Moscow.

  • Still have questions?

    Feel free to contact our technical support team anytime.