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FAQ: General

What is a Club Program?
The Club Program is a system of special terms for buying services provided by RU-CENTER. The more services under the agreement, the more money can be saved on registering new services and renewing existing ones. The discount amount is subject to a club status that can be bought by anyone.
Where's the profit in it?
Depending on the status and the type of services, the discount can reach up to 90%: the more services you buy, the cheaper they get.
Who can become a Club Program member?
The Club Program is available to any customer or partner of RU-CENTER. There are no special requirements.
What is a status? For how long will it be valid?
Club Status allows you to get RU-CENTER Services with 90% discount within 1 year starting from the date you purchase the Status. You can renew your current Status for the next year 30 days prior to its expiration date.
What status should I choose?
It depends on the amount of services you’ve already bought and plan on buying throughout a year: the more services you have, the more profitable it is for you to buy a higher status with a bigger discount. We can help with choosing the right option based on your purchase history. Just contact our support team.
Can I change my status before its expiration or buy a status for multiple years?
You can switch to a higher status any time. The new status will be effective for another full year after the purchase. Switching to a lower status is available only after your current status expires. Buying a status for multiple years is not possible.
Can Club Program members use promotions and special offers?
Promotions are available to all customers. But your status is a guarantee of the best price. If the promotional price is different from the price under your status, the service will be purchased at the lowest price.

FAQ: For Partners

I'm already a RU-CENTER partner. Do I need to buy a status?
Partner rates will expire on March 31, 2016. To get discounts on services, you will need to become a Club Program member. Partners who don't become Club Program members will be paying retail customer rates. Other partner terms will remain unchanged.
Do partners get a club status by default?
There will be no default statuses for partners. It's up to you to choose your status depending on the amount of services. The more services under the agreement, the more money can be saved.
What is the difference between a partner and a Club Program member?
Partners are resellers of RU-CENTER services with access to software services for working with end customers. Club Program members get discounts on our services. So if you just want to save some money on service purchases, you don't need to become a partner.
What's going to happen to existing partner rates?
There will be a transitional period when partners will be able to choose a suitable Club Program status. It will last from March 1 through March 30. Old partner rates will expire on March 31. Partners without a status will be paying retail rates.