New Hosting Plans at RU-CENTER

May 13, 2014, RU-CENTER offers new hosting plans. They will have more RAM and disk space, which improves your website's performance. 

Our hosting gets better, while the price is unchanged. You can still purchase the service at a price as low as 210 rubles per month.

Old hosting plans will still be supported. Every RU-CENTER customer that is already using our hosting may switch to one of the new plans at any moment.  After the introduction of the new plans, you will also be able to order a dedicated IP address. Since the number of IPv4 addresses is rapidly decreasing, it will be a paid service. Its price is 100 rubles per month. 

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Therefore, the following document will be changed accordingly:

Virtual Dedicated Server Schedule (Schedule 10 to the Service Agreement)

Hosting Plan

Pricing (Addendum 2 to the Service Agreement)