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Schedule 1/21
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September 12, 2012

Legal Services Schedule

  1. Definitions
  2. General Provisions
  3. Terms of Service
  4. Order Processing
  5. Service Payment

1. Definitions

Legal Services are services listed in Addendum 1 (List of services) and Addendum 2 (Pricing) that are provided to the Customer pursuant to the terms and procedures set forth in this Schedule and in Addendum 1 and Addendum 2.

Contractor is Joint Stock Company "RU-CENTER".

Customer is a person or a legal entity that ordered legal services from the Contractor and signed a NIC-D service agreement with the Contactor.

Order is a request from the Customer to the Contractor that is made using a procedure set forth by the Contractor and contains all the information required for reception of the legal services by the Customer.

Note: terms not defined herein are defined in Schedule 1/1 (Domains Registration Schedule in RU and РФ TLDs).

2. General Provisions

2.1. This Schedule defines the terms pursuant to which the Customer receives the legal services.

2.2. In order to receive the services from the Contractor, the Customer shall:

2.2.1. Preliminarily contact the Contractor using the contacts listed at and websites to get the information regarding the possibility of a legal service provision, the price of a service and other details about the service.

2.2.2. Register in the Contractor's database. The Customer is responsible for selecting and registering individual administrative and technical passwords during the registration in the database, for securing their confidentiality and for all actions that involve using the passwords. Registration procedure is available at the Contractor's website at:

2.3. All information provided by the Customer during the process of signing the Service Agreement and registration in the Contractor's database must be true. If the Customer submits false information, the Contractor is entitled to refuse providing the legal services or to suspend provision of legal services until the Customer provides true data.

2.4. The Customer and the Contractor acknowledge the legal effect of notifications and messages sent by the Contractor to the Customer's e-mail addresses specified by the Customer in the Service Agreement. Such notifications and messages are deemed equal to written messages and notifications sent by the Contractor to Customer's mail addresses. In case of any disagreements concerning the facts of sending and receiving messages, the time of sending, contents of the messages, the Customer and the Contractor agreed to consider evidences of the Contractor's archive service binding and definitive for settlement of disputes between indicated parties.

2.5. The Customer agrees that any information the Customer provides by filling in applications and other documents, including those in an electronic form, under sections of these documents marked as "open", will be placed by the Contractor on the search engines and will be open to the general public. A list of the information that is bound to be published and published with the Customer's consent can be found at the Contractor's web server at this address:

2.6. A service Order means that the Customer agrees to pay the services according to the prices effective on the date the processing of the Order begins.

2.7. Legal services are provided to the Customer on the basis of the Agreement, subject to the following conditions:

- the Customer shall provide all the documents requested in order to provide the service;
- full advance payment of the fee for the legal service;
- the Customer's question relates to the subject of the service being provided.

2.8. After the service is provided, the parties sign a Service Acceptance Certificate. The service is deemed delivered properly and in full and fully accepted by the Customer after the parties signed the Service Acceptance Certificate.

2.9. In case of any disagreement with the data from the Service Acceptance Certificate, the Customer shall submit to the Contractor reasonable objections in written form within thirty (30) business days from the date of publication of the Service Acceptance Certificate in the "Manage your account" section. If the Customer does not provide such objections within the specified period, the Service Acceptance Certificate shall be deemed fully accepted by the Customer and the service shall be deemed provided. Any requests and claims related to the Service Acceptance Certificate that are submitted to the Contractor by the Customer after the specified period shall not be considered. The Contractor shall be entitled to refuse giving any explanations to the Customer.

2.10. The forms of any official letters are set forth by the Contractor and are available at its web server. The letters should be sent to the Contractor's address at

3. Terms of Service

3.1. When receiving the order, the Contractor checks the information and documents submitted by the Customer.

3.2. Based on the results of the check, the Contractor shall send to the Customer a report using e-mail address specified in the Agreement. The report shall contain information about the possibility of delivering the service, date of delivering the service or the time required, a list of additional documents, other information required to deliver the service. In case a legal service cannot be delivered, the Contractor shall notify the Customer thereof.

3.3. The Contractor delivers legal services only in Russian.

4. Order Processing

4.1. The Customers place orders for legal services using the Contractor's web interface.

4.2. An order shall be processed if the funds in the personal account of the Agreement are sufficient to pay for the services, subject to the conditions set forth in clause 2.7. Any order that cannot be processed within three (3) months will be cancelled by the Contractor.

4.3. Procedure of order processing

4.3.1. Different orders for new services from the Customer are processed on a first come, first served basis. The sequence in which the orders are processed can be changed at the Contractor's web server in the section "Manage your account" (the link "Processing queue, order removal").

4.3.2. During the period of funds allocation to the personal account for any service renewal, an order for this renewal has priority in processing over any orders for new services placed by the same Customer.

4.4. An order for a legal service can be cancelled by the Customer at the Contractor's web server in the section "Manage your account" (link "Processing queue, order") before the processing of the order starts.

5. Service Payment

5.1. The cost of legal services is specified in Addendum 2 (Pricing) to the Service Agreement.

5.2. The Contractor keeps a record of Customer's payments and the services provided to the Customer, according to the effective prices of these services, at the personal account of the Customer's Agreement. Any payment made by the Customer is added to the personal account after the money has been credited to the Contractor's bank account and the Contractor has received from the bank a document identifying the payment.
The Customer can access the information on the personal account of their Agreement at the Contractor's web server in the section "Manage your account" (the link "Account balance").

5.3. Invoicing

5.3.1. The Contractor will invoice the Customer upon receiving an appropriate request from the Customer. The request for an invoice is made by the Customer at the Contractor's web server in the section "Manage your account". Provided that the Customer has signed an Agreement with the Contractor, the original of the invoice will be sent to the Customer by post:

- within 3 (three) working days after the Contractor receives the Customer's request for the invoice - if the Customer is a legal entity;
- as requested by the Customer via e-mail - if the Customer is a individual person.

A copy of an invoice can be printed by the Customer at the Contractor's web server in the section "Manage your account".

5.3.2. The Customer shall put the number of their Contract with the Contractor in the section "Payment Subject" of any payment document prepared by the Customer.

5.4. Customer's obligations for legal services payment will be deemed unexecuted, if the Customer makes a refund upon the request of the payment system by which the Customer paid for the service. In this case the Contractor is entitled to suspend the service for the Customer since the moment of refund.

5.5. Upon termination of an Agreement, or if the Customer provides reasons why the Customer cannot use the Contractor's services, the remainder of the Customer's money shall be returned to the Customer by bank transfer to the Customer's account at any bank in the Russian Federation. The Contractor will take all actions that are necessary for the return within seven (7) business days from the date the Contractor receives the Customer's written request with full information on the payee's bank account.

5.6. Customer's Money Reservation

5.6.1. The Contractor provides the Customer with a service after reserving sufficient money in the Personal account of the Customer's Contract. Money that is reserved for a service cannot be used to pay for another service.

5.6.2. The funds for several new services are allocated in the sequence in which the Orders for these services are placed.
The sequence in which orders for new services are processed can be changed by the Customer at the Contractor's web server in the section "Manage your account" (link "Processing queue, order removal"). If the Customer changes the sequence in which the orders for new services are processed, the funds for the new services will be allocated in this new sequence.

5.6.3. The funds for a new service may only be allocated after the reservation of money for renewing all the Customer's services whose renewal requires such reservation immediately and has not been cancelled by the Customer (reservation of money for renewing any existing service has priority over the reservation of money for any new service).
The period of funds allocation for a service, as well as the Terms and Сonditions of this allocation are specified in the Schedule governing the service.

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