Termination of the Service Agreement

Termination of the Service Agreement by Agreement of the Parties

To terminate the Service Agreement, you need to sign a Termination Agreement.

The Customer has to sign two copies of the Termination Agreement and submit the originals to the Contractor for signing. The Customer has to attach:

  • For legal entities:

    a copy of the registration certificate of the legal entity;
    copies of documents confirming the authority of the person that signed the Termination Agreement.

  • For individuals and sole traders:

    a copy of the passport (personal details, issue authority and date, registration), or other ID document.

After signing the Termination Agreement, the Contractor will return one copy thereof to the Customer.

After the termination, the Customer will not be able to:

  • renew the services under this contract;
  • transfer domain names and services to another administrator;
  • change the Registrar of the domain;
  • update Administrator contact and identification details;
  • update parameters of services of registration of domains and additional services (in particular, DNS servers of the domain).

In the case of the Service Agreement termination, RU-CENTER will cancel all the registrations of domain names registered in .RU, .РФ, .NET.RU, ORG.RU, .PP.RU, and international TLDs. All the other services that were previously provided to the Customer under the Service Agreement and have not expired by the date of the Service Agreement termination will continue to be in effect after the termination until the expiration date of such services without the renewal option, unless otherwise specified in the schedule of any such service.

Termination Agreement

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