Schedule 1/29: SEO Promotion Schedule

Schedule 1/29
to Service Agreement

February 19, 2015

SEO Promotion Schedule

  1. Definitions
  2. Service Delivery Terms
  3. Service Order and Payment
  4. Specific terms

1. Definitions

Contractor - Joint Stock Company "Regional Network Information Center".

Customer - a person or a legal entity, which applied for SEO Promotion service in accordance with the Service Agreement concluded with the Contractor.

SEO Promotion service - the service enabling the use of SEO Editor ensuring that links to the Customer's website with the use of Customer's keywords will be placed on third-party websites. The service provides an opportunity to promote a Customer's website by third-party Internet Search Engines.

SEO Project - a SEO service add-on required for SEO Promotion service delivery. SEO Project settings are made by the Customer in SEO Editor. SEO Project is created by the Customer for the selected website. Website selected by the Customer is indicated in SEO Project settings.

SEO Project Settings are the tools provided by the Customer as indicated below: website address, for which SEO Promotion service need to be delivered, as well as the region of promotion,  keywords, by which the links will be placed on the Customer's website, the funds to be spent on a monthly basis for SEO promotion (SEO promotion budget), hyper links by Customer's keywords.

SEO Editor means the service provided to the Customer in his account manager, on which basis the Customer can initiate SEO Project settings.

Service Validity Period - the time frame within which SEO promotion is enabled by SEO Project settings made by the Customer. SEO promotion service validity period depends on the Customer's SEO Project settings (keywords) set forth by the Customer in the SEO Editor.

2. Service Delivery Terms

2.1. A service order serves Customer's full and unconditional consent with the terms of this Schedule and the procedure of its modification.

2.2. Service is provided to Customers who have chosen a form for Russian residents upon signing the Agreement or have specified in "Country" field: Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova or Kazakhstan.

2.3. The provision of the service is not related to any other Contractor's services, including hosting service.

2.4. The period, for which SEO Promotion service is provided, depends on Customer's keywords specified by the Customer in the SEO Editor. Service renewal is impossible. For further delivery of the SEO Promotion service for the same SEO Project the Customer shall make a repeated order of this service.

2.5. To promote each new website within SEO promotion service the Customer shall create a new SEO Project for each new website for which he would apply SEO promotion service.

2.6. SEO Promotion service shall be deemed provided by the Contractor to the Customer after the order is acknowledged by the Customer in the order wizard through the Contractor's web interface.

2.7. As part of the service SEO Editor provides information on the recommended fee for promotion of the keyword entered by the Customer when setting up a SEO Project. The Customer is entitled either to confirm his consent for the provision of the service by an order to be made in the order wizard, or refrain from using SEO Promotion service after submission of the details regarding keyword promotion fee entered by the Customer. The service is provided in the scope corresponding to the amount paid by the Customer.

2.8. To promote each SEO Project the Customer may enter any amount of money specified in Addendum No.2 to the Service Agreement.

2.9. A service is provided to the Customer based on the Agreement with the Contractor as long as there is an Order for the service and all the relevant requirements of this Schedule are met.

2.10. Changes into this Schedule regarding introduction of new and (or) additional services take effect from their publication on the Contractor's web server.

3. Service Order and Payment

3.1. To order the service the Customer should create SEO project through the Contractor's interface at

3.2. A service order also indicates that the Customer agrees to pay for the service at the prices effective on the date the processing of the order begins.

3.3. An order is considered ready for processing and starts processing, if the Customer has on its Agreement Account the funds sufficient to cover all services listed in the order. Any order that cannot be processed within 3 months will be deleted. A Customer can access the information of his Contract Account under the Agreement on the Contractor's web server in the "Manage your account" panel (the link "Account balance").

3.4. For service delivery the Contractor will reserve on the Customer's personal account the funds in amount of full service cost. In this case the allocated funds may not be used for other services payment. If the service is canceled before its expiration date, no money paid by the Customer for the service will be refunded.

3.5. The cost of SEO Promotion service is set forth in Appendix No.2 to the Agreement. The Customer can recharge balance of SEO Project for any amount set forth in Appendix No.2 to the Agreement for an unlimited number of times.

3.6. Other payment, billing, invoicing, money reservation issues for the service delivery are regulated by Appendix No.4 to the Service Agreement.

4. Specific terms

4.1. For better quality services, the Contractor is entitled to send on a periodical basis data messages about SEO Project created by the Customer and its status to the Customer's e-mail address specified in the Agreement. 

Such messages are non-regulatory and non-mandatory for the Customer.

4.2. The Customer at any moment may refuse to receive data messages in the "Manager your account" panel.

4.3. The above data messages are not ad messages and serve solely for the purpose of informing the Customer about implementation of its SEO Project.

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