Russian hotlines in response to computer emergencies and dissemination of illegal content over the Internet

RU-CENTER, an active member of the Organizing Committee of the Year of Safe Internet in Russia, is taking part in the implementation of research and educational projects aimed at protection of Net against viruses and negative content.

The key purpose of this activity is to build a highly efficient information society in Russia on the basis of a secure and ethical web environment, primarily in relation to the younger generation. RU-CENTER has entered into cooperation agreements with the Russia’s leading organizations countering dissemination of illegal content over the Internet and being engaged in detection, prevention and preclusion of illegal activity with regard to the web resources within the Russian Federation.

Please refer to our partners’ hotlines on the issues of precluding dissemination of illegal content:

1. Safer Internet Centre Russia

Safer Internet Centre Russia addresses the issue of safe, correct and comfortable Internet use, more specifically, Internet threats and efficient countering user exposures to such threats.

You can report illegal content directly online.

Please call at +7 800 200-24-00 for any psychological consultations on the matters of violence and sexual coercion/exploitation, or help if you are a victim of such offences. All consultation services and the call to the helpline phone number are free of charge; consulting is available 24 hours a day.

2. Friendly Runet Foundation

The primary goal of the Foundation consists in contributing to the development of the Internet as a safe environment that is friendly to all the users. The Foundation supports various projects connected with safe Internet use. The Foundation assists Russian Internet users, public organizations, commercial companies and government agencies in countering the illegal Internet content circulation and other unlawful Internet activities.

You can report negative content here.

3. Kids Online Helpline

If you are abused or cyberbullied via Internet, or if someone makes to you indecent proposals on the Internet, or if you have become a victim of web fraudsters or encountered any sort of danger while online or using your mobile phone, please do not hesitate to contact Kids Online Helpline. The Helpline adviser will listen to you and help you.

Please call +7 800 25-000-15 (free calls within Russia, call handling services are available on business days from 09.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m. MSK) or write at

4. Russian Computer Emergency Response Team RU-CERT

The Russian Computer Emergency Response Team is called RU-CERT.

The primary goal of the team is to lower the level of information security threats to Russian Internet users. To this end, RU-CERT assists Russian and foreign legal entities and individuals in detection, prevention and preclusion of illegal activity with regard to the web resources on Russian Federation territory.

RU-CERT is accumulating, storing and processing statistical data related to spread of malicious software and network attacks within Russia.

We are pleased to get your feedback at or via Incident Report.

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