RU-CENTER Privacy Policy

RU-CENTER Privacy Policy

The terms of this Privacy Policy («Policy») apply to any information that Joint Stock Company «Regional Network Information Center» (JSC RU-CENTER) («RU-CENTER») receives about individuals/legal entities/individual entrepreneurs who are users/visitors (hereinafter, «User») of any RU-CENTER services, website, or products («Services») when the User is using (or in connection with the use of) Services.


1.1. The User unconditionally accepts the terms of this Policy in full from the commencement of the use of Services. If the User disagrees with this Policy as a whole or with any specific Clause, the User shall refrain from using Services. By using Services, the User gives its direct and express consent for the use of information about the User in accordance with this Policy.

1.2. RU-CENTER values confidentiality and security of information provided to it by Users in the course of Service use. This Policy describes the methods of collection, transfer, protection, and other usage of User information.


2.1. For the purposes of this Policy, User information («Information») means:

2.1.1. Any information that the User provides about itself when registering and using Services, as well as the User’s comments submitted and/or added through Services.
Mandatory information is specifically designated, and submitting such information is required for accessing Services. Other information shall be submitted by the User at its own discretion. RU-CENTER presumes that the User provides true and sufficient information and keeps it up-to-date. The consequences for providing false or out-of-date information are specified in the User Agreement published on the official web server of RU-CENTER at («Web Server»).

2.1.2. Information that is automatically supplied to Services by the User’s equipment via the software on such equipment when the User is using Services (or in connection with the use of Services). Such information shall include, without limitation: the User’s IP address, browser, address of the Service and/or website the User requests, time and date when the Service is requested, and other similar information.

2.1.3. Other User information subject to provision under the terms of specific RU-CENTER Services.


3.1. RU-CENTER receives and stores only information that is necessary for providing Services, developing the products and/or Services, and executing, performing, and terminating agreements with Users.

3.2. The Information shall be used for the following purposes:

3.2.1. For interacting with Users when they contact the technical support or the customer support. RU-CENTER's technical support and customer support services may request from Users information related to the use of Services;

3.2.2. For identifying the party in relations arising as a result of the use of Services, execution, performance, and termination of agreements with RU-CENTER, and for dispute resolution;

3.2.3. For contacting the User, including for sending notices, messages, and notifications related to the use of Services and execution, performance, and termination of agreements;

3.2.4. For processing User requests;

3.2.5. For conducting statistical and other research based on anonymized data;

3.2.6. For improving the quality of Services and their user-friendliness;

3.2.7. For ensuring security of Services and their lawful use.


4.1. RU-CENTER shall store and process the Information in accordance with its internal regulations and the applicable laws of the Russian Federation. When RU-CENTER no longer needs the Information for the purposes set forth in this Policy, RU-CENTER shall delete such Information held by it. If the Information is modified or deleted, RU-CENTER shall be entitled to keep part of it for resolving disputes and claims, for performance of agreements with Users, and for compliance with all technical and legal requirements and restrictions set forth by the Russian laws and related to the use of Services.

4.2. The Information shall be held in confidence, except when the User voluntarily makes the Information available to the general public.

4.3. RU-CENTER shall be entitled to transfer the Information to third parties in the following cases:

4.3.1. The User gave its express consent for such actions;

4.3.2. Such transfer is required by Russian and/or other applicable laws;

4.3.3. It is required for protection of rights and legal interests of RU-CENTER and/or third parties when the User’s actions:

A) have resulted or may result in damages or threat of damages to other Users and any third parties;
B) are misleading third parties about the source of information (sender of any messages, programs, or requests) when RU-CENTER is wrongfully referenced as the source of information;
C) have caused or may cause infringement of copyrights and/or exclusive rights of third parties to any software;
D) have resulted or may result in unauthorized access to information, computer, and network facilities of RU-CENTER and/or third parties;
E) have resulted or may result in a disruption in the provision of RU-CENTER Services or prevent other Internet users from receiving RU-CENTER Services.


5.1. When the User gets access to Services, RU-CENTER is entitled to store data files on the User’s device. These may include cookie files, pixel tags, flash cookies, or other file types supported by the User’s browser or other applications (collectively referred to as «cookie files»). The structure of cookie files, their content, and technical parameters shall be determined by RU-CENTER and can be changed by RU-CENTER without prior notice to the User. RU-CENTER shall use these technologies for the following purposes: for identifying Users, adjusting and improving Services, and ensuring security of the Information.

5.2. The User understands that hardware and software used by the User to access websites may disable cookie files (for all websites or for specific websites) or delete previously received cookie files. For certain Services, RU-CENTER shall be entitled to require that the User allows cookie files.

5.3. Cookie files may be stored on the websites of third parties. RU-CENTER shall not be responsible for such files.


6.1. The User may at any time change or update its Information or part thereof, as well as confidentiality settings, by contacting RU-CENTER's support service or through the Services.

6.2. The User shall be entitled to delete its Information; however, this could result in discontinuance of Services and termination of the User agreement.


7.1. RU-CENTER shall take all necessary and sufficient organizational, legal, and technical measures within the scope of RU-CENTER's competence for User Information protection from unlawful access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, and other unlawful actions by third parties.

7.2. To protect the Information, RU-CENTER shall perform, without limitation, the following actions:

- use SSL encryption;
- identify the User by username and password for accessing Services provided by RU-CENTER;
- continually improve the means of collection, storage, and acquisition of Information in order to prevent unauthorized access to Services;
- provide access to the Information only to a limited number of employees, contractors, and agents;
- when transferring the User’s payment data, not to use it for any unlawful purposes or interrupt the operation of networks supporting the payment systems;
- set forth strict corporate and contractual obligations to ensure the Information’s confidentiality.


8.1. This Policy shall be applied only to User Information received during the use of RU-CENTER's Services.

8.2. RU-CENTER shall not control or be held liable for processing of User information by third-party websites that the User may visit through the links on the RU-CENTER's official web server.


9.1. RU-CENTER is entitled to modify this Policy at any time at its own discretion without prior notice to the User. Following any modifications, the effective version shall have the date of the last update. The new version of this Policy shall take effect upon its publication on the Web Server unless defined otherwise in the new version of this Policy.

9.2. The effective version of this Policy shall always be available on the Web Server.

9.3. By continued use of Services, the User automatically accepts the new version of this Policy.

9.4. RU-CENTER recommends the User to visit from time to time and read this Policy to be aware of the most recent version of this Policy.


10.1. This Policy and the relationship between RU-CENTER and the User arising in connection with this Policy shall be subject to the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.

10.2. The parties shall attempt to resolve any disputes and differences arising out of this Policy through negotiations. Any negotiations regarding disputes shall be kept in confidence and shall be without prejudice to the rights of the parties in any subsequent litigation.

10.3. The parties shall be required to follow the complaint procedure. A party receiving the complaint shall respond to it within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the receipt thereof.

10.4. Should the parties fail to resolve a dispute within 30 (thirty) calendar days after the receipt of a complaint by a party, either party shall be entitled to refer the dispute to a court of the Russian Federation to be resolved in accordance with the procedural laws of the Russian Federation.


The User may submit any suggestions or questions regarding this Policy to the customer support ( or at this address: 2 3rd Khoroshevskaya St., bld. 1, Moscow, 123308, Russia

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