Repeated request for document originals and copies

How to make a repeated request for document originals or copies?

Reissuance and resubmission of billing documents, including those returned by the post service will be made on a payment basis as per the current rates.

For repeated request for a document package with copies or reissued originals you will be required to submit scanned copy of the application via e-mail
Copy of document can be sent by fax +7 (495) 737-06-02.

The application shall include:

  • contract number;
  • numbers of the required documents;
  • document creation dates,
  • amounts specified in documents;
  • postal address, where the documents should be sent to.

Applications forms:

Document Issue Rules

Order execution term - 5 business days since receipt of a duly issued application. You will be notified via e-mail that the document package specified in the application has been prepared and delivered to the post service for further dispatch.

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