Obtaining and Installation of SSL Certificate

After payment has been effected the order on certificate issuance is sent for processing to Certification Authority. The procedure of submitted data checking may take some time.

When the certificate is issued, a notification will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the order with reference to a page in the "Manage your account" section where the certificate can be obtained.

Please note that for operation of the SSL certificate the web server should have a dedicated IP address. You may use RU-CENTER's hosting service under the following plans: 202, 302 and 1C-Bitrix, which allow to order a dedicated IP address.

After the certificate has been obtained:

Installation of SSL Certificate on RU-CENTER Hosting
Installation of IIS SSL certificate to Apache
Installation of IIS SSL certificate to Microsoft IIS 5.x / 6.x
Installation of IIS SSL certificate to Microsoft IIS 7.x

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