Important notes

The order will start implementing, if the money on your account will be enough to pay for all services specified in the order. If you specified a domain registration service, but failed to transfer the sufficient sum to the account, domain name will not be reserved and stay open for registration by any person.

The order will be canceled, if it remains unprocessed within three months since its receipt by RU-CENTER.

If you wish to register a domain on the day of its deletion (free-date), the request will be accepted only through the web-interface on page

Your order may incorporate several services (domain registration, Secondary and other services).

You may order several services and follow them up in "Manage your account section → Orders: Processing queue, order removal"

In particular, you may:

  • view all your orders;
  • know the status of service processing;
  • cancel the order before its processing;
  • change order priority.

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