Identification Data Update

If your contract is not signed yet, the identification data may be updated in the "Manage your account" section.

If you already signed the contract, updates will be made by an official letter to RU-NIC.

The identification data of a Customer are: company name, legal address, individual taxpayer number, first name and surname, passport data, date of birth.

Identification data are modified through an official letter from the Customer to RU-NIC. Form of the letter

Identification data are modified by an official letter from a Customer to RU-NIC, when RU-NIC identifies the entity making the request and in the presence of the documents confirming changes.

After RU-NIC receives such a letter from a Customer, the Customer's identification data in the Agreement will be modified within 2 (two) working days.

You can submit the required documents in one of the following ways:

  • Via e-mail: (the total size of your attachment(s) should not exceed 10 MB)
  • Via delivery to RU-CENTER Office
  • Via postal service to the following address:
    JSC "RU-CENTER", 2/1, 3d Khoroshevskaya str., Moscow, 123308, Russian Federation
  • delivery to the office of one of RU-CENTER's regional affiliates

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