How to Form a Bill

To form any bill you will be required to:

1. Specify the amount you wish to transfer to the account in Manage your account section → Payment: Refill your account"

In box "Amount" specify the sum equal to the ordered service cost or more than 1 Russian ruble or 1 US dollar.

Service cost: The rates are used subject to various currencies under the Service Agreement (according to Addendum 2 to the Service Agreement).

2. Print a copy of the bill in HTML, RTF or PDF format.

To receive the original bill you will be required to place mark "Send original bills" in "Manage your account → Contract →Notifications and mail campaigns → Reporting documents". The original bills generated before the mark "Send original bills" is placed are not sent.

If the mark is placed the original bill is sent by mail to the address specified in the agreement (in written form or as an offer).

3. Transfer Money to RU-CENTER Account

Payment will be effected in currency under the Service Agreement (type of currency for service payments will be selected for filling out a form for Agreement conclusion and is not subject to any further changes).

RU-CENTER Service Payment Methods

The payment will enter your contract account, provided RU-CENTER received the money and the relevant supporting payment documents from the bank. Money receipt message will be sent by email to the address specified in the Agreement.

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