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The procedure for signing a Service Agreement with an individual

Filling out the Form

In the process of filling out the Form you present the required data and choose an individual password.

  • After the Form is filled out, it will be given a number that will become the number of your Service Agreement with the Regional Network Information Center.

  • Until your Service Agreement is concluded in writing or as an offer, any data from the Form can be changed (in the 'Manage Your Account' section).

  • Hereafter to perform any activities in connection with conducting any type of work under the Service Agreement (changing of your contacts, ordering services, reviewing the personal account etc.), it is necessary to specify the Service Agreement number and the password, specified in the Form.

Fill out the Form

Conclusion of the Service Agreement in writing

Step by step procedure:

  1. If you have already filled out the form for the Service Agreement, you should get the provided text with the form data for your Service Agreement from the RU-CENTER's web server ('Manage your account' section). If you didn't fill out the form, or your form was filled out by a RU-CENTER Partner and is under his management, you should get the Service Agreement from the RU-CENTER's web server and enter the required information into the Service Agreement.

  2. Print out two copies of the Service Agreement and Addendum 3.

  3. Execute two copies of the Service Agreement on your behalf (the Customer).

  4. Fill in the fields, marked with a dash (if you received a blank form): Service Agreement number, received after registration (form number), Customer's name, passport data (series, number, the name of the organization that issued the passport and the date it was issued, the place of registration).

  5. Execute Addendum 3 on your behalf with two copies.

Date of agreement will be filled out by a RU-CENTER employee during signing of agreement.

  1. If the Service Agreement is brought for signing by the Customer in person, the Customer must bring passport.

  2. The Customer may send the Service Agreement by mail, in which case the Customer must attach a copy of passport to 2 copies of the Service Agreement and Addendum 3.

  3. If the Service Agreement is not brought for signing by the Customer in person, but is brought by an entrusted person:

    • The name of the Customer and their passport details must be specified on the first page of the Service Agreement.
    • The signature at the end of the Service Agreement and in Addendum 3 must belong to the entrusted person, and there must be a reference to the number of the power of attorney from the Customer to sign the Service Agreement by this entrusted person ("on the basis of the power of attorney No ______ from _______").
    • The entrusted person may bring the Service Agreement for signing in the RU-CENTER office and show their passport. The power of attorney must be enclosed with the Service Agreement (the original notarized document).

The Service Agreement addenda (Schedules), except for Addendum 3, are signed only at your will. Under the Service Agreement, these documents can be changed, their valid versions are available on the RU-CENTER's website.

  • The Service Agreement may be sent to the following address:
    2/1, 3d Khoroshevskaya str., Moscow, 123308, Russian Federation

  • You can come to the RU-CENTER office to sign the Service Agreement.

Upon receiving the Service Agreement, RU-CENTER draws up both copies from its part and sends one copy of the Service Agreement to the Customer. If the Service Agreement was received by mail, after its conclusion one copy will be sent to the address, specified by the Customer in the form.

Signing of the Service Agreement as an offer

In order to receive any services it is enough to fill out a Form for the Service Agreement and to make a prepayment for the services with a reference to the Service Agreement number. Funds transfer to the Service Agreement personal account will mean that the Service Agreement is accepted. We remind you that the funds are deemed credited to the Service Agreement personal account after they arrive to the RU-CENTER's account and after receiving the confirming documents from the bank, identifying the payment. The Service Agreement shall also be deemed accepted in the following cases:

  • The Customer submits to the Contractor an official document under the Contractor's rules or submits a request via the Contractor's web interface using the Customer's password (if the domain name or other services are transferred to Contractor from a third-party Registrar, the Contractor's Partner, or a third person (including the Contractor) upon the Customer's request).
  • The Customer notifies the Contractor of the intention to receive the services under the Contractor's rules (if the domain name or other services are transferred to the Customer from another legal entity or natural person).

Payment procedure

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