Domains Transfer in gTLDs and non-Russian ccTLDs to another Registrar

If you plan to transfer domain name sponsorship in gTLDs and non-Russian ccTLDs (.COM, .NET, .TV, .ME, .TEL, .TRAVEL, etc.) to another registrar, it will be required first to unlock the domain:

  • log in to "Manage your account panel";
  • specify your agreement number and administrative password;
  • in "Services" menu select "Review and update data";
  • find "Domain name" service - "Domain registration";
  • in "Modify parameters" column click on "Status";
  • remove mark "Registrar change prohibited";
  • click on "Save" button.

It is also required to obtain registry authorization code. To obtain the code, please, submit your request to with domain name indication, your agreement number with a request to submit registry authorization code.

In the reply e-mail you will get authorization link. After authorization you will confirm your domain name management rights. After you receive such confirmation registry authorization code will be submitted to you.

Then, you will be required to apply to the new registrar with a request to initiate registrar change procedure in the registry.

Once you obtain notification from the registry about registrar change initiation RU-CENTER will send you a transfer request. In the event of you decline the transfer, RU-CENTER will give the registry a corresponding notice.

If you confirm the transfer RU-CENTER will submit to the registry a consent to transfer domain name to another registrar and delete domain name from its database.

If you do not reply to the RU-CENTER's transfer request within the perion of three (3) calendar days, RU-CENTER will not respond to the registry's request and, after five (5) calendar days from the day the registry's request is sent to RU-CENTER, the registry will transfer the domain name sponsorship to another registrar.

Please note that if delegation of your domain has been suspended due to the name expiry and after that the domain has been renewed it’s better to start the registrar change procedure not earlier than 45 days after such renewal. Otherwise the year added by a former registrar as a result of renewal may be omitted and the registration period will be extended by new registrar only for one year, not for two.

Registrar change is not allowed if:

  • less than 60 days passed since the moment of domain registration;
  • less than 60 days passed since the last registrar change.

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