Domains in the secondary market

Premium domains are in high demand and are more expensive, because they consist of frequently used, euphonious words, are perfectly remembered and provide the site with high positions in the search engine delivery.

Domains in the secondary market

Premium domains are "beautiful", memorable and valuable domain names, which are already registered and put on sale by current registrants for a fixed price.

Premium domains are registered in the gTLDs and ccTLDs: COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO and other TLDs.

By selecting domain names for your project you may purchase not only free domains, but select those that fully or partially match those currently on sale.

View the catalogue of premium domains and find the perfect suit for you or your company.

Catalogue of premium domains

By purchasing a premium domain through RU-CENTER you will not interact with foreign companies. The whole process — from selection to support of a domain name is carried out exclusively in RU-CENTER that has contractual relationship with key representatives of the global services of domain listings.

After premium domain is sold, its registration period will be renewed for one calendar year. Further renewals will be made in accordance with the standard domain name renewal price under the Pricing.


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