Domain name and additional service transfer

  1. When choosing a domain name we recommend that you use the WHOIS services, located on RU-CENTER's and RIPN's web-servers. RU-CENTER is not responsible for information leakage during use of services, located on other web-servers.

  2. We recommend that you do not disclose information on the chosen domain name before you receive an official confirmation of domain name registration from RU-CENTER, for this information not to be used by dishonest people.

  3. When registering a domain name through an organization, rendering domain name registration services, (Internet-service-providers, Web-hosting companies etc.) be sure to check through the terms of the agreement you are about to conclude thoroughly in the part, concerning domain registration. Particularly, the agreement should include the organization's obligations concerning registration of second-level domains in domain RU on your behalf. A second-level domain looks like this <domain-name>.ru.

    Please note that a <www>.<domain-name>.ru type domain (do not confuse with the site's web-address!) is a third-level domain and is not to be registered in the RU-CENTER data base. A link to a <www>.<domain-name>.ru domain does not guarantee that you'll be able to register a <domain-name>.ru domain.

An order for a second-level domain name registration should be placed on your behalf (according to your agreement). Only in that case you will be stated as the domain administrator. The administrator is the one who has all the rights to use a registered domain name.

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