Contact Data Update

Contact data are provided in fields: p-addr, phone, fax-no, email, p-addr, d-addr, mnt-nfy of the contract form.

To update these data, you should:

  • log in to "Manage your account" section
  • select item "Update information" in the "Contract" menu
  • make appropriate changes
  • save changes

All form fields, except for a postal address, will be updated within a minute. Postal address will be updated within one business day after manual verification.

Delisting Email Address from mnt-nfy Field

To unsubscribe from technical messages you may apply for delisting email address from the mnt-nfy field with no authorization in the "Manage your account" section.

It is therefore required to:

  • click on the link in the last paragraph of your letter;
  • submit a request for removing your email address from the mailing list, specifying there in the contract number (included in each subscription message);

In response to your request you will receive a letter to confirm your unsubscription. You should confirm your unsubscription request; otherwise your email address will not be delisted from the contact data.

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