Children Pornography: The Industry of Violence brochure has been issued with support of RU-CENTER

"Friendly Runet" Fund with co-sponsorship of RU-CENTER and Kaspersky Laboratory has released a booklet "Children Pornography: Violence Industry". The author is Evgeny Bespalov, General Director of the Fund, the introduction to the booklet was made by Pavel Astakhov, Children Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation.

The booklet depicts the scale and instrumentals of the children pornography market, as well as discloses the essence of such phenomenon and the level of threat it poses to all Russian children.

The key objective of such edition is to convey suggestions to the society and supreme authorities for handling the children pornography spreading in the Net. Particularly, the booklet has a purpose to develop Russian legislation, law-enforcement practice and "mechanisms of public and state partnership and industrial self-regulation". The latter trend, according to the author, may provide for implementation of Internet traffic filtration on the national level, support of dedicated lines of assistance to underage users, scientific and applied research, etc.

Online version of booklet "Children Pornography: Violence Industry" is available on the official web site of "Friendly Runet" Fund.

We would like to remind that RU-CENTER has become a partner of the Fund in 2009. Co-working of the organizations lies in processing of requests coming by the Hotline for data receipt on children pornography on the Net. Furthermore, for the second year in a row RU-CENTER acts as a co-sponsor of the All-Russian Children Creative Online Contest "Interneshka" initiated by the Fund.

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