Cancellation of domain registration before the deadline for registration at the request of the Administrator

If the term of the service is not completed (the service is paid for), its cancellation is made by an official letter from the administrator. Money is not returned.

In order to terminate the service, the domain Registrant has to submit to RU-CENTER originals of the following documents:

For legal entities:
Domain cancellation letter (rtf)

For individuals and sole traders:
Domain cancellation letter (rtf)

A letter from an individual or an individual entrepreneur is notarized. Notarization is not required if the domain administrator provides the letter (application) in person to the RU-CENTER office or to the office of one of the regional representatives of RU-CENTER. In this case, it is enough to have a passport with you.

General rules of letter issuance

The documents may be:

  1. posted to this address: RU-CENTER, 2/1, 3d Khoroshevskaya str., Moscow, 123308, Russian Federation
  2. delivery to RU-CENTER office
  3. delivered to the office of one of RU-CENTER's regional affiliates

The request will be processed within two business days after receiving documents. The Registrant will be notified of all the changes via contact e-mail.

.RU and .РФ Domain Cancellation Denial Cases

.RU and .РФ dоmain cancellation on the basis of the Registrant's request cannot be performed in the following cases:

  • If domain name registration period is over;
  • 30 calendar days have not passed since the Registrant had received administration rights from another person.
  • 30 calendar days have not passed since the Registrar change.
  • RU-CENTER requested from the Registrant the additional data that have not been submitted within the set period.

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