API User Agreement

API User Agreement

Joint Stock Company "Regional Network Information Center" (hereinafter referred to as RU-CENTER) offers the use of API by RU-CENTER on the terms stipulated in this User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") to any person who entered into Service Agreement with RU-CENTER (NIC-D and NIC-REG Agreement) (hereinafter referred to as the "User").

1. Terms and definitions

API  is a software complex, specifications and documentation developed by RU-CENTER with a view to provide interface of the user Application with the RU-CENTER service system.

API provides for the User the tools to access RU-CENTER service system based on the concluded agreement.

The description of API features is given on the Contractor's web server at https://www.nic.ru/api/.

User application means website on the Internet, any PC software, as well as any other User product enjoyed by the User or granted for third persons' use.

OAuth server means software for the authentication and authorization oriented for the work with  API of RU-CETNER services and products.

Application ID and password means User settings, which comprise a unique character set obtained upon registration of the application on the OAuth server, and required to obtain API key.

API Key (Token) means a unique ID of the user Application granted by  RU-CENTER to the User, allowing him getting access to API functions.

Data means the set of information transferred to the User via API.

2. General Provisions

2.1. Access to API is only available to the User, who concluded with  RU-CENTER NIC-D or NIC-REG Agreement, or ordered and paid for the service operated via API.

2.2. The list of services operated via API as well as data arrays transferred to the User are set by RU-CENTER and available on  RU-CENTER web server at: https://www.nic.ru/api/

2.3. To get access to API the User shall sign up on OAuth server at https://www.nic.ru/api/Auth/register_app.html and follow the procedure for obtaining API Key https://www.nic.ru/api/Auth/get_token.html.

RU-CENTER reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse the User to grant API Key.

2.4. By following the sign-up procedure on OAuth server, the terms of this Agreement shall be deemed accepted by the User in full scope, without any clauses and omissions.

2.5. Should RU-CENTER modify this Agreement, RU-CENTER undertakes to publish the said changes on RU-CENTER web server.

2.6. Any changes listed in clause 2.5 hereinabove become effective since they are published on the RU-CENTER web server.

2.7. If the User accepts the modifications listed in clause 2.5 hereinabove, this Agreement shall continue to be in effect with regard to such introduced modifications. Should the User disagree with the changes specified in this Agreement, the User undertakes to delete his Exhibit from the OAuth server.

If the User fails to delete his Exhibit, the Agreement continues to be in effect with regard to the specified changes.

2.8. All actions made through API with the use of API Key owned by the User shall be deemed made by the User. The User agrees that he/she is fully responsible for any actions made as a result of use of the API Key, as well as for their short- and long-term consequences.

3. Parties Obligations.

3.1. The User is entitled to:

3.1.1. use RU-CENTER API to manage the services under the agreement concluded with RU-CENTER.

3.1.2. refuse from API services at any moment by removal of its Application from OAuth server.

3.2. The User is forbidden to

3.2.1. use any software, devices and other facilities enabling to get API Key by automatic or other means with the violation of sign-up procedure and granting API Key established by RU-CENTER.

3.2.2. Obtain API Key for third parties, transfer or grant it to third parties.

3.2.3. Change and/or somehow modify API Key.

3.2.4. Interfere with API operation, adversely affect the functionality and performance of OAuth server.

3.2.5. Abuse access to API by sending unlimited number of requests with the purpose of disabling RU-CENTER service system or API.

3.2.6. Undertake measures in order to get unauthorized access to the data and computing resources, RU-CENTER networking resources, as well as violation of correct operation of the hardware and networks not belonging to the User.

3.2.7. Use API to develop software, Internet services, applications, PC programs or by other means, if such use causes infringement of RF legislation, this Agreement and/or third persons' rights and legal interests.

3.2.8. Use API, website design elements, logo, RU-CENTER interface and common style during services delivery to third persons for fraudulent misrepresentation to third parties, making him/her believe that the User delivers services for and on behalf of RU-CENTER, its affiliates, employees and other representatives, harm business reputation of RU-CENTER by compromising its services and products.

3.2.9. Use API for advertising competitors' services.

3.2.10. Undertake actions through API, resulting in RU-CENTER's losses (directly and indirectly).

3.2.11. RU-CENTER reserves the right for independent qualification of User's actions with respect to breach of clauses  3.2.8 −3.2.10 hereinabove.

3.3. The User shall

3.3.1. Use API solely for the purposes of management of RU-CENTER services subject to the terms of this Agreement.

3.3.2. Immediately notify RU-CENTER about any case of using its АРI Key by third persons not authorized by the User.

3.3.3. Remove its Application from the OAuth server at:  https://www.nic.ru/api/Auth/register_app.html in cases stipulated by clause 2.7 and  8.2.2 of this Agreement.

4. RU-CENTER Rights and Obligations

4.1. RU-CENTER is entitled to:

4.1.1. Make changes into the list of services operated by API, as well as data arrays transferred to the User.

4.1.2. Should the User breach the requirements of this Agreement, at its own discretion and without implementation of any liabilities to RU-CENTER, stop or suspend User's access to API and/or OAuth server at any moment by submitting the User an appropriate notification. In this case, RU-CENTER reserves the right to refuse to explain a particular reason of such stop or suspension to the User.

4.1.3. Provide monitoring of the whole activity for the API use, as well as collect and analyze statistics of User's actions undertaken through API.

4.1.4. Conduct technical operations at any time moment, in particular, modify, correct RU-CENTER API by notifying the User through publishing information on RU-CENTER web server.

5. User's Responsibility

5.1. The User shall bear the sole and full responsibility for:

5.1.1. The use and safeguard of his API Key, application ID and password.

The User shall solely bear the risk of potential unfavorable consequences associated with the loss or disclosure of the API Key, ID and Application password granted to him/her.

5.1.2. Unauthorized use of API Key or ID and Application password by third persons.

5.1.3. Compliance with the RF legislation by using API. If utilization by the User of any possibility/option granted by API causes violation of the Legislation, the User shall refrain from using API on the whole.

5.2. If User access to API is stopped/suspended by the initiative of RU-CENTER due to User failure to meet the terms of this Agreement, the User shall bear the sole and full responsibility to third-party users of its software.

6. RU-CENTER' Limitation of Liability

6.1. API (including Data) is provided by  RU-CENTER on "as-is" basis. The User acknowledges and agrees that he/she uses API at its own risk and without any guarantees.

6.2. RU-CENTER does not guarantee trouble-free and fail-safe operation of API on the whole and its specific components and/or functions, as well as API compliance with the purposes and expectations of the User.

6.3. In no event will RU-CENTER be liable for any damages incurred by the User and/or third persons as a result of use or non-use of API or its specific parts/functions by the User, including possible operation errors or failures, irrespective of the fact, whether RU-CENTER has information or assumptions about such damage.

7. Intellectual rights

7.1. All exclusive rights for API are reserved by RU-CENTER. Exclusive rights for the Data are reserved by RU-CENTER or another right holder. This Agreement does not grant User any rights for the use of API or Data apart from the possibilities which are provided directly in API interface.

8. Term and Termination

8.1. This Agreement becomes effective since the moment of User sign-up at OAuth server and is terminated at the moment of application removal from the OAuth server.

8.2. This Agreement may be terminated:

8.2.1. By RU-CENTER initiative, should the User violate the terms of clause 3.2. hereinabove.

8.2.2. By User's initiative at any moment, in this case the User undertakes to remove its application from the OAuth server.

9. Miscellaneous

9.1. This Agreement and partnerships between  RU-CENTER and User occurred as a result of API use shall be subject to RF legislation.

9.2. In the event of any disputes and disagreements associated with implementation of this Agreement, RU-CENTER and User undertake to make all-out efforts for their resolution through negotiations between them. Any issues and claims associated with the use/non-use of API utilization shall be submitted to e-mail addresses specified on RU-CENTER'S web server at https://www.nic.ru/about/contact_ncc.html.

All disputes and differences that cannot be resolved by negotiations are subject to settlement in the Arbitration Court of Moscow, provided such disputes and differences are subject to mandatory pre-trial settlement by submission of User's requests through the feedback form available on RU-CENTER web server and written motivated claim to the Contractor. The response time to the written claim shall be established as 10 (ten) calendar days of the date such claim was received.

9.3. If any provision of this Agreement are deemed illegal, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall not in any way be affected or impaired thereby.

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