About ISPmanager control panel

Operating a web server without a management system requires special skills and sometimes can be inconvenient. Hosting control panel is a program with a graphical interface that allows managing a server in a visual mode via the internet.


ISPmanager is one of the most popular control panels in the Runet. The latest version of the system is the fifth version, which was tailored to numerous customer preferences and includes new features. RU-CENTER’s VDS hosting supports the latest version of the panel ISPmanager 5 Lite.

The key advantage of ISPmanager 5 Lite is its support of various software without any specific program requirements. For instance, you can use any version of Apache, favorite FTP servers, MySQL versions, etc.

The control panel's interface is divided into logical sections that allow you to easily find necessary tools and perform functions intuitively. ISPmanager is fully translated into Russian. This will make it easier to configure the server. Users with administrative rights can see pre-installed apps highlighted in yellow and uninstalled ones — in blue. Another undeniable advantage of the control panel is a user import option. For example, if you're migrating to another server, you can easily transfer your account.

ISPmanager features

Functional advantages:

1. Three rights categories: administrator, reseller, and a regular user.

2. Disk space management. You can add FTP users, upload and download files via a web interface, limit the number of database users.

3. Extensions. You can install additional programs, as well as Python, Perl, and PHP modules.

Website management:

1. Setting up access levels to file directories.

2. Installing, configuring, and managing security certificates.

3. Creating and configuring 404 pages and redirects.

4. Implementing PHP extensions.

5. Using pre-installed scripts to develop websites, forums, and their functional parts.

6. Installing programs for analyzing server logs.

7. Managing website backups. These are only a small part of numerous ISPmanager features.

The control panel also includes dozens of basic tools, such as database, email, and domain management, backup creation, traffic engineering, and many more.

Detailed information about ISPmanager 5 and guidelines on how to configure it are available here.

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