About domain renewal price plans

Domain renewal price plans allow users to choose additional options and RU-CENTER services on domain administration.

Standard rate plan is designed for owners of large domain portfolios, who register domain names as an alternative to their other website names or for resale.

Basic rate plan features a minimum required set of options and is suitable for most website owners maintaining addresses for their own projects.

Optimal — a price plan for brand domain owners, including additional options for convenient domain administration.

Advanced — a price plan for managing your key domain, as well as monitoring your website via the "Website Monitoring" service.

Advanced Plus is a price plan for managing your main domain. It’s a convenient solution for monitoring your website and tracking your domain registrations in other domain zones using the “Monitoring of competitive registrations” service.

Universal is a price plan featuring the most useful options for convenient domain management. The "Universal" plan includes all cheaper plans' options and "Emergency Renewal," a safeguard available in case you forget to top-up your account balance and renew a domain name for the following year. This price plan is suitable for everyone willing to ensure uninterrupted operation of a website.

The price plans apply to all domains in RU-CENTER.

You will be able to renew all your domains under a single price plan or select individual rate plans for each domain with the required set of options. This is convenient if domains under your contract are intended for different purposes: for resale, redirection to another domain name, or as a primary website address.

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Domain renewal price plans

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