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by 77.00 USD/mo

Technical Specifications

Maximum IPv4 addresses
4 GB
Control panel
Processor Cores
4 x 2 GHZ
Supported OS
Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008

Each price plan includes the following options

Server control panel

Unlimited web traffic

Microsoft Hyper-V hardware virtualization

Dedicated IPv4 address

24/7 technical support

Snapshot feature

Who is it for?

If you plan to use the VDS server as hosting for websites developed with ASP.NET and using the MSSQL database, the VDS SSD-4 price plan on Windows is perfect for your tasks. On the server, you can host websites designed for transmission of short video or audio streams, company websites that up to 5,000 daily visitors, online stores and many static html websites.

 A quad-core processor allows you to host a CRM system for 150 users on the server, and 60 GB of memory is enough to store an accounting database.

Is Windows VDS suitable for 1C products?

Price plans with Windows OS are an excellent solution for working with 1C accounting products.

Licensed Windows is required for 1C programs like Enterprise, Accounting, Trade, Warehouse, and others. On Windows VDS, the license is already included in the price plan and is provided free of charge.

When choosing a plan, consider the number of employees who will work with the program. To ensure the stable operation of 1C programs, it is important to choose the right server power depending on the number of users.

  • If there are no more than 10 employees, choose VDS SSD-2 or VDS SSD-3 plans. 
  • For 10-20 users, VDS SSD-4 or VDS SSD-5 are a better choice. 
  • For 20-30 users, use VDS SSD-6 or VDS SSD-7.
  • If there are more than 30 employees, then choose the VDS SSD-8 price plan.

Why choose VDS hosting with RU-CENTER?

✓ We use reliable high-speed SSDs from trusted manufacturers

✓ Convenient server control panel

✓ Connect to VDS even if it is not available via the network

✓ Tier-III reliable data center with uninterruptible service and high-capacity communication channels

✓ Distributed fault-tolerant infrastructure with DDoS protection

✓ Storage and data processing on the territory of Russian Federation

✓ Communication channel with a bandwidth of 100 Mbit/s

✓ 99,9% VDS hosting uptime

✓ More than 20 years on the market