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by 40.57 USD/mo

Technical Specifications

Maximum IPv4 addresses
2 GB
Control panel
Processor Cores
2 x 2 GHZ
Supported OS
Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008

Each price plan includes the following options

Dedicated IPv4 address

24/7 technical support

Snapshot feature

Server control panel

Unlimited web traffic

Microsoft Hyper-V hardware virtualization

Who is it for?

VDS SSD-3 is suitable for hosting one or several company websites — static websites with up to 1,000 users per day. Small companies with no more than 10 employees in the accounting department can host 1C system products on the server. You can store files on a VDS server or use it for backups. Also, the parameters of the plan will allow you to place a mail server with low traffic.

When should I switch from virtual hosting to VDS/VPS?

  • If the consumption of resources on your hosting has increased significantly and the website traffic is growing.
  • When your project is growing rapidly, take a closer look at VDS price plans so that your business growth is not limited by the virtual hosting parameters. 
  • In the case when you need guaranteed resources.
  • If you decide to host more than one website.
  • When you need to install your own software or run a non-standard service.
  • If your website has become slower.

Why choose VDS hosting with RU-CENTER?

✓ We use reliable high-speed SSDs from trusted manufacturers

✓ Convenient server control panel

✓ Connect to VDS even if it is not available via the network

✓ Tier-III reliable data center with uninterruptible service and high-capacity communication channels

✓ Distributed fault-tolerant infrastructure with DDoS protection

✓ Storage and data processing on the territory of Russian Federation

✓ Communication channel with a bandwidth of 100 Mbit/s

✓ 99,9% VDS hosting uptime

✓ More than 20 years on the market