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by 21.29 USD/mo

Technical Specifications

Maximum IPv4 addresses
1 GB
Control panel
Processor Cores
1 x 2 GHZ
Supported OS
Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008

Each price plan includes the following options

Server control panel

Unlimited web traffic

Microsoft Hyper-V hardware virtualization

Dedicated IPv4 address

24/7 technical support

Snapshot feature

Who is it for?

VDS SSD-2 price plan can be used as a test site. If you have never worked with VDS hosting before, we recommend trying our lower-tier plans. If you need to switch to a higher-tier plan, you can easily do it without losing the work you have already done.  

What are price plans with the Windows operating system suitable for?

  • Windows VDS/VPS can be used as a file server or media server to distribute files and broadcast video content.
  • They are perfect as a game server, because some of the games work only on Windows.
  • Using Windows VDS / VPS, you can create a local video archive, make access only for friends and acquaintances. And you can broadcast to a large circle of people. 
  • Some users rent a Windows server for Forex trading as the MetaTrader software only works with Windows.
  • Many companies use Windows for office computers, creating remote jobs. Using Windows VDS, you do not need to purchase additional licenses for each employee.

Why choose VDS hosting with RU-CENTER?

✓ We use reliable high-speed SSDs from trusted manufacturers

✓ Convenient server control panel

✓ Connect to VDS even if it is not available via the network

✓ Tier-III reliable data center with uninterruptible service and high-capacity communication channels

✓ Distributed fault-tolerant infrastructure with DDoS protection

✓ Storage and data processing on the territory of Russian Federation

✓ Communication channel with a bandwidth of 100 Mbit/s

✓ 99,9% VDS hosting uptime

✓ More than 20 years on the market