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by 426.43 USD/mo

Technical Specifications

320 GB SSD
Maximum IPv4 addresses
32 GB
Control panel
ISPmanager, cPanel
Processor Cores
24 x 2 GHZ
Supported OS
CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, FreeBSD, Gentoo

Each price plan includes the following options

Server control panel

Unlimited web traffic

KVM hardware virtualization technology 

OpenStack cloud infrastructure

Dedicated IPv4 address

24/7 technical support

Snapshot feature

Who is it for?

Powerful configuration of VDS SSD-8 plan is suitable for government organizations or financial institutions. When reliable protection of personal and commercial information is required, a VPN server can be created on VDS hosting, which will make the data transfer channel secure. You can create IP telephony server with any number of internal numbers based on VDS. A virtual server can be an excellent solution for a video surveillance system.

What is important to know about VDS hosting before purchasing it?

VPS/VDS hosting is a virtual machine, one of several located on a physical server.

Virtual hosting almost does not differ in its technical capabilities from a dedicated server: root access, access to network settings, performing any actions on files, installing and configuring the software.

This is possible thanks to special virtualization programs — hypervisors. In RU-CENTER, we use KVM virtualization.

KVM allows you to create many virtual machines on physical hardware which are isolated from each other. This means that each VDS works independently and allows you to run your own operating system, install and configure any software for your needs.

The only limitations may be the amount of RAM, the size of the hard drive and the number of processor cores. The problem of insufficient resources can be easily solved by upgrading to a more expensive price plan. With virtualization, this is done without any loss.

Why choose VDS hosting with RU-CENTER?

✓ We use reliable high-speed SSDs from trusted manufacturers

✓ Convenient server control panel

✓ Connect to VDS even if it is not available via the network

✓ Tier-III reliable data center with uninterruptible service and high-capacity communication channels

✓ Distributed fault-tolerant infrastructure with DDoS protection

✓ Storage and data processing on the territory of Russian Federation

✓ Communication channel with a bandwidth of 100 Mbit/s

✓ 99,9% VDS hosting uptime

✓ More than 20 years on the market