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116.53 USD/mo

Technical Specifications

Number of sites
Trading modules
Trade catalog, integration with CRM, shop management wizard, e‑mail marketing
Basic modules
Cloud storage, SEO-module, information blocks, translation
Advanced modules
Advanced site modules, sales holding structure, advertising and web analytics, site document flow
Standard modules
Forums & blogs, photo gallery 2.0, subscriptions & mailings, visual zoom

1C-Bitrix: Website Management Business License with RU-CENTER


The license allows you to create a project for wholesale and retail trade or a large information portal. The Business edition combines the capabilities of an information resource and an online store and has extended functionality of the Online Store and Trade Catalog modules.

If you are already using the Small Business license and want to expand the capabilities of your corporate website, you can easily upgrade to the Business license. You won't need to create the website again, all the information will be saved, and you'll get the new product modules and install them easily by yourself.

✓ Interface for order payment via conventional and electronic payment systems

✓ Automatic order processing

✓ History of information changes

✓ Management of currencies and exchange rates

✓ Automated marketing communication channels: email and SMS distribution, messengers, social networks

✓ Web analytics module

✓ Management of business trips and vacations, invoice payment and other document flow

✓ Distance learning courses for employees or partners

✓ Several legal entities within one store

Websites on 1C-Bitrix Business

Frequently asked questions

  • What other features does the Business license have?

    With the price management module, you can set up wholesale, retail, dealer prices, depending on the type of customer, the prices will switch automatically. Warehousing capability allows your users to order and pick up products at a convenient location. If you have multiple branches or offices, you can use the "Holding Structure" feature to create orders and documents individually for each legal entity.

  • Where can I see all CMS modules and features?

    The full list of modules can be found in the "Help" section.

  • What skills are needed to install 1C-Bitrix?

    No special skills are required — automatic installation is available under any hosting plan with RU-CENTER.

  • Is 1C-Bitrix suitable for websites with heavy traffic?

    Yes, it is. 1C-Bitrix is perfectly scalable and will suit even the largest projects. To ensure maximum performance of your website, we have created a hosting service optimized for 1C-Bitrix CMS.

  • Can I use 1C-Bitrix for my online store?

    Yes, you can. The system is suitable for online stores. Thanks to integration with the programs necessary for business - 1C, CRM, payment systems, delivery services - all your processes are automated and allow you to interact effectively with the customer base and promptly process orders. To create an online store, we recommend buying a Small Business or Business license.

  • Is it possible to try 1C-Bitrix?

    Yes, you can try the functionality of CMS under the "1C-Bitrix 3" price plan for just RUB 1 for 30 days.

  • How do I renew my license?

    You can renew a 1C-Bitrix: Website Management license in your Personal Account no earlier than 2 months before the license expiration date. To renew a license, make sure that you have sufficient funds on your account. In case of auto-renewal money is deducted from your account one day before the end of the license validity period. If you have auto-renewal turned off, you can select the service you want to renew under the "Manage your account - Services - Service renewal" section. We recommend renewing licenses in advance, since the activation of the license renewal takes 1 day.