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Changes in RU-CENTER policies

From May 25, 2022, payments for RU-CENTER services no longer require signing into an account.

From May 30, 2022, the "Auction for to-be-released .SU and third-level domains" service will be modified.

Due to the changes, new versions of the following documents will come into effect:

Service Agreement

Addendum 1: List of Services

Addendum 2: Pricing

Addendum 3: Consent to personal data processing (for individuals and individual entrepreneurs)

Addendum 4: General provisions

Schedule 1/1: Domains Registration Schedule in .RU and .РФ TLDs

Schedule 1/5: Domains Registration Schedule in .SU TLD

Schedule 1/7: gTLD and foreign ссTLD Registration Schedule

Schedule 1/15: Third-Level Domain Registration Schedule

Schedule 1/22: Domain Names Registration Schedule in Worldwide Domains:

Schedule 1/26: Domains Registration Schedule in .KZ TLD;

Schedule 1/30-2: Landrush and General Availability Registration Schedule under New gTLD Program

Rules for ordering and paying without signing in

Multiple Services Contract

Addendum 1: List of Services

Addendum 2: Pricing