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Changes to addenda to the agreement

On November 13, 2019, RU-CENTER added the “Advanced Plus” price plan to its range of renewal price plans for .ru, .su, .рф,,, and domain zones. In addition to all the features of cheaper price plans, this plan includes the “Monitoring of competitive registrations” feature, which allows you to keep track of popular domain names.

With this feature enabled, the client will receive email notifications if a domain name that matches exactly the client’s domain name is registered in any other domain zone. 

The feature will also be available in the “Universal” price plan.

In addition, starting from November 13, the "Personal Manager" service becomes available for order and RU-CENTER Domain Store Schedule comes into effect. 

Therefore, updated versions of the following documents will come into effect.

Service Agreement:

Addendum 1: List of Services

Addendum 2: Pricing

Schedule 1/1: Domains Registration Schedule in .RU and .РФ TLDs

Schedule 1/5: Domains Registration Schedule in .SU TLD

Schedule 1/15: Third-Level Domain Registration Schedule

Schedule 1/33-1: RU-CENTER Domain Store Schedule

Schedule 1/44: Personal Manager Schedule

Multiple Services Contract:

Addendum 1: List of Services

Schedule 1/33-1: RU-CENTER Domain Store Schedule